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    Side Show : 10/08/04
    News from around the b-movie world! (Or, as much as I can find in the
    fascinating world of the web).

    B-Movie News!

    Here! Films, a subsidiary of Regent Entertainment, has acquired U.S.
    distribution rights to the supernatural thriller Eternal from Horizon
    Entertainment, Variety reported. The film, which opened last week in
    Canada, will be released in the U.S. in early 2005.

    Eternal is based on the story of a 16th-century Hungarian countess who
    reportedly seduced and murdered 650 women in order to bathe in their
    blood for eternal life. The film, which was produced by Montreal-based
    WildKoast Entertainment, is set in the present day and centers around
    a mysterious woman who may be the immortal countess or a demonic
    killer in disguise, the trade paper reported.


    John Woo (Paycheck) is set to produce and direct He-Man, a new
    live-action film based on Mattel's Masters of the Universe toys and
    the animated series they inspired, Variety reported. Adam Rifkin
    (Small Soldiers) will adapt the screenplay.

    The Fox 2000 film will be the second featuring the character of
    He-Man. Dolph Lundgren starred as the half-human, half-Eternian
    warrior in the 1987 film Masters of the Universe, which also featured
    Frank Langella as He-Man's evil nemesis, Skeletor. The cast has not
    yet been announced for the upcoming film.


    Spider-Man 2, Shrek 2, Hero and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
    Mind were among the ten films nominated for the Hollywood Movie of the
    Year award by the board of advisers of the Hollywood Film Festival,
    organizers announced. Nominees were also announced for the Hollywood
    World Awards and the Hollywood European Awards. The awards, presented
    by and Yahoo! Movies, honor the public's favorite films
    of the year. The awards will be given out as part of the Hollywood
    Awards gala ceremony on Oct. 18 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

    The favorite movie of the year will be selected by the public at large
    at the Yahoo! Movies and Web sites, and the two winners
    for the World and European awards will be selected from the ten
    nominees for each award. A blue ribbon selection committee of judges
    from around the world selected the nominated films. Honors for
    achievement will also be awarded to individuals including actress
    Keira Knightley (King Arthur), screenwriter John Logan (Star Trek:
    Nemesis), composer Thomas Newman (Angels in America), visual-effects
    artist John Dykstra (Spider-Man 2), production designer Stuart Craig
    (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and makeup artist Ve Neill
    (The Chronicles of Riddick).


    Hollywood's film ratings board has given an R rating to the
    marionette action spoof Team America: World Police, the Reuters news
    service reported. The Motion Picture Association of America revised
    the rating from an NC-17, which would prohibit admission for anyone 17
    or younger, after producers made several changes, including the
    editing of graphic sex scenes between the film's puppet characters,
    the news service said.

    Producer Scott Rudin told the Los Angeles Times that at least nine
    variations of the scene in question were submitted, each one
    progressively less explicit, before the MPAA ultimately relented and
    approved an R rating. The revision comes just four days before the
    film, from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is
    scheduled to open in 800 theaters nationwide.


    Jan De Bont has signed on to direct the feature adaptation of Steve
    Alten's prehistoric-shark novel Meg, Variety reported. Guillermo del
    Toro, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin—whose last collaboration was the
    comic-book adaptation Hellboy—will produce along with Nick Nunziata of and Ken Atchity.

    The novel follows the story of one man's hunt for a Carcharodon
    megalodon, a massive ancestor to the great white shark that could
    resurface and wreak havoc in the ocean. A preliminary trailer is
    already posted on the author's official Web site.

    This Week at the Box Office
    Box Office Weekend of October 1 - 3

    1/0 Shark Tale $49.1/$49.1
    2/0 Ladder 49 $22.7/$22.7
    3/1 The Forgotten $12.0/$38.2
    4/2 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow $3.3/$30.6
    5/3 Mr. 3000 $2.6/$19.1
    6/0 Woman Thou Art Loosed $2.5/$2.5
    7/7 Shaun of the Dead $2.4/$6.8
    8/4 Resident Evil: Apocalypse $2.3/$47.0
    9/5 First Daughter $2.1/$7.1
    10/6 Cellular $2.0/$28.1

    So the ill-advised Shark Tale takes the #1 spot this week, at least it
    knocked The Forgotten out of the top spot. Shaun of the Dead is still
    holding strong at #7 (despite the fact that it's only playing in
    around 300 theaters nationwide!)

    Top 5 titles
    1 Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires (was 13)
    2 Campfire Tales (was 1)
    3 Bride of Frank, The (was 43)
    4 Ice from the Sun (was 25)
    5 Meat Market 2 (was T4)

    Check out the rest of the Top Ten at!

    B-Move "Question of the Week"
    We polled a bunch of filmmakers on this question: "This week's
    Hollywood Horse Race" has both THE FORGOTTEN and SHAUN OF THE DEAD in
    their top ten. One is universally acknowledged as a well-titled piece
    of Hollywood leftover, the other a quick-witted and gory British
    Import. Should horror fans give up on Hollywood for their horror, and
    keep their eye on foreign imports and artists? Or is there still hope
    for Tinseltown to come through for us?"

    And the Answers:

    Charlie Fleming (star of "Severe Injuries" and co-producer on The
    Resurrection Game): "Hollywood will never ever again produce anything
    worth watching. Movies made in Hollywood today are not made for the
    art's sake, just for the demographic they think will spend the most
    money. Hollywood is shit! Import horror is only surviving because
    it's emulating what was in American theaters in the 80's. Nothing new
    in the "Mainstream" is happening, domestic or imort. The only
    innovative stuff that's happening at all is in the low-budget arena
    and "Hollywood" is doing it's best at squashing that."

    Mark Baranowski (director and star of "Sin By Murder" and
    "Expendable"): "Personally, I don't consider the former a horror film,
    and the latter does what I consider a major horror faux pas; taints
    the genre with comedy. To answer the question, we SHOULD rely on other
    countries for our horror (Japan especially, now that Italian offerings
    have dried up). Hollywood already has, and therefore, we're assaulted
    with one REMAKE after another... the only possible way it could
    produce something scary that's worth watching."

    JR Bookwalter (director of "Witchouse 3: Demon Fire" and "The Dead
    Next Door"): Hollywood won't bother taking any risks with their horror
    films as long as the fans keep lining up to see the same old drivel.
    Personally I've turned in my Lifetime Horror Geek Fan Club™ membership
    card over the last few years...I got sick of weeding out the crap to
    find the occasional gem so it's much easier to just paint them all
    with the same brush, LOL. Maybe it's just me getting older and being
    "out of touch" with what the kids think is cool?"

    Ron Bonk (head honcho and director of "Strawberry Estates" and "The
    Vicious Sweet"): "I still have yet to see either to form an opinion on
    them. I do think Hollywood likes to churn out slick looking,
    by-the-numbers scarefest because the average teenage girl will be like
    "that was SO cool" and the average teenage boyfriend will appreciate
    his girlfriend jumping all over him during the scary parts. So we get
    a lot of unoriginal crap. So a lot of times Hollywood isn't even
    because it is too easy. Maybe the foreign filmmakers have to try
    harder to get an audience, especially here. Maybe the foreign guys
    have more freedom to try something outside the expected. I don't
    know. But on that note, I have enjoyed much of the Hollywood horror of
    recents years. I thought the Dawn of the Dead remake was tops. I
    like The Ring, The Others. I felt the scares in these movies were
    fun, done right. So I don't think it hurts to comb other areas for
    new, fresh horror ideas (or new twists on old, overused ideas), even
    if it is foreign cinema. As long as the scares keep coming, I'm

    Andy Copp (director of "The Mutilation Man" and "Black Sun"): "Though
    Hollywood does tend to err on the side of mainstream and the proven, I
    don't think it is necessary to rely on imports for our horror films to
    be effective. For example THE VILLAGE, though pissed upon by many
    horror fans for not being what they expected, was actually a smart,
    tense movie that had a good opening weekend and was a Hollywood movie
    through and through. Another fine example of Hollywood product that
    was excellent was THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT which was one of my top 3 films
    of the year. It offered challenging ideas, terrific performances (no
    matter what the naysayers think) and some very frightening moments. It
    was the darkest Hollywood movie since SEVEN.

    "A better question is, why has the horror fandom allowed themselves to
    become slaves to the mainstream culture? If Fangoria doesn't give the
    movie a thumbs up then it is ignored by the fans. On the flip side a
    trite (if well directed) import film like HAUTE TENSION gets praised
    by the horror press and fans fall over themselves to follow suit, even
    when the film offers the most tired, worn out plot twist in horror
    history. UNDEAD another horror import about to be released is just
    more of the same rehashing of stuff the Peter Jackson has done, but
    without the effect his work has. But once again the horror press has
    praised the film and the fans are slobbering in anticipation. Any
    given generation gets the art it deserves and the media obsessed, race
    to be the next cool kid ont he block attitude of the modern crop of
    fans who have made remakes of already perfect films hits are getting
    the empty headed entertainment they are demending. And sadly brushing
    off the legitimately good films when the do happen to come along."

    Tim Ritter (director of "Truth or Dare" and "Creep"): "I wish I had
    time to see both movies, actually, but when you're so busy making
    movies, even small ones, there's just no time. To answer the question,
    though, I think all we have to do is look to Peter Jackson, eh? Look
    what a talent he is from BAD TASTE to the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. I
    say that if it's a good story, well done and it delivers the goods, we
    should watch it and enjoy. Import movies do help to clog up our
    markets and create even more competition, but as the global world
    continues to come together in banking, investments, retail products,
    wars, etc., it's only natural that even more and more foreign-lensed
    movies will be joining the club. Look at Fango, they have a whole new
    DVD line that is going to be focusing on foreign movies...and Sub Rosa
    continues to do well with Spain's own Jess Franco and his movies...and
    there's a lot of die-hard genre fans out there that swear by Fulci,
    Argento, and a few other Italian moviemakers. Cronenberg is Canadian.
    I believe James Cameron is it looks to me like some of
    the "American greats" are from other countries. And the issue is...?"

    ***** site news
    A brand new issue of Dark Gallery is up and running! This issue was
    written solely by Dark Gallery editor Joe Sherlock and include:

    From Douche to Dreck: The Crazy World of Mike Legge
    Twisted...And Loving it! : An Interview with b-movie actress Shannon
    Of Witches, Monsters and Snakemen: An Interview with Ron Ford
    Monster Metal Movie Music: Seasons of the Wolf
    Writing Monster Movies: An interview with John Oak Dalton

    Check it out today at!

    New titles to the site include a new array of classic Full Moon
    titles, including:

    WITCHOUSE – the original! Starring Ariauna Albright. Directed by Dave
    WITCHOUSE 2 – The sequel directed by J.R. Bookwalter!
    RETRO-PUPPET MASTER – the little guys go back to their roots (so to
    THE CREEPS – Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein – all three feet tall?
    THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING – A movie crew reanimates the dead!
    CEMETERY HIGH – from the director of PSYCHOS IN LOVE!
    BACKLASH: OBLIVION 2 – a far-out outer space western!
    MURDERCYCLE – do we need more explanation?
    KILLJOY 2 – starring Debbie Rochon and Trent Haaga!

    Plus much, much more! At!

    Pick of the Week!
    From Film
    Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires (DVD)
    Sexy vampire Catherine, and her familiar, Lendel, are on the run from
    a ruthless vampire hunter. They hide out in the small redneck town of
    Backwash, where Catherine hatches a plan to turn the backwoods folk
    into an army of her vampire slaves. Cultures further clash when Ma
    Poissier wins a free room redecoration by fruity Frenchman Jean-Claude
    Les Eaux, who tries his best to fit in with crazy hillbillies like
    Lil' Junior and his buddy Cletus. Beer drinking, bean eating, tripe
    cooking, shower peeping, competitive farting, strip poker playing and
    all manner of insanity follow, all leading up to the town's annual
    Tripe Days Festival. Combine the gross-out and physical comedy of
    Animal House and American Pie with the country humor of Hee Haw, toss
    in some vampires and you've got the riotous romp Bloodsucking Redneck
    Vampires! Starring Felicia Pandolfi, Rob Merickel, Bill Bradford,
    Carrie Davis, Scott Shanks, Robert J. Olin, and Jeff Dylan Graham
    (star of Sub Rosa release Malefic).

    DVD Special features include: Audio commentary by co-writer/first
    assist. director Michael Hegg and co-writer/director Joe Sherlock,
    Behind-the-Scenes featurette, Blooper Reel, Photo Gallery, Trailer,
    Reviews are popping up all over the place for BLOODSUCKING REDNECK
    VAMPIRES! Here are a few snippets:
    Chip Lamey of Video Crypt ( says:
    "Quite frankly this is one of the most enjoyable micro-budget films
    I've seen in a long, long time...More importantly, the entire cast is
    amazing...It's hard to believe this is Scott Shanks' first role, as
    he's great as Jean Claude. The entire Poissier clan is superb. There's
    Rob Merickel as dimwitted Lil' Junior Poissier, Carrie Davis is
    hilarious as Ma Poissier, and Lindsey Hope is both sexy and tom boyish
    as teen daughter Eva Poissier. If anyone wants to remake any classic
    seventies hillbilly movies, Lindsey could easily star. It's hard to
    believe this is her first acting job, as she comes off as a seasoned
    pro. But, nearly stealing the show is Bill Bradford as the redneck
    dwarf Cletus. His performance is so over the top and funny that it
    deserves to be seen by those who wouldn't normally watch a movie such
    as Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires. Cletus is a truly funny character. I
    can't praise Bill Bradford enough. Director Joe Sherlock has the knack
    for keeping the jokes flowing and the action moving. There's never a
    dull moment. Plus, there are plenty of great extras with plenty of
    insight on how to make movies for very little money."
    Douglas A. Waltz for CultCuts
    sez: "There is also the horror of One-Eyed Lurlene naked...All I can
    say is that when I got to the poker game or the added chaos of the
    annual Tripe Festival, I experienced a horror comedy the likes of
    which hasn't graced my DVD player for a while...This movie is great!
    No, really I mean it. The humor is the lowest common denominator type,
    which always makes me laugh. Adding to the comedy is the character of
    Cletus, who looks like a three foot corn dog without the stick. In
    other words, he's a dwarf and the funniest guy in the picture. He
    manages to steal every scene he's in. The women are either the big
    giant mamas you come to expect from rural life or they're the hot teen
    age daughter type that are very easy on the eyes...This one is
    definitely a winner and something not to miss when checking out the
    video shelves. Ya'll come back real soon, ya hear?"
    Wren Leach of Monsters At Play
    ( sez: "By the time
    I had gotten through a farting contest with Cletus clad only in boxers
    and suspenders, I was just about out of will power. When Ma gave Lil'
    Junior and Cletus a stern (but loving) talking to about not wanting
    them to get drunk and pursue any inappropriate relationships with
    sheep, the flood gates broke and once I started laughing I couldn't
    stop because the movie just kept coming...I laughed so hard we had to
    pause the movie until I could breath again...This movie was such a
    surprise. It wasn't even in the same neighborhood of the Indie flicks
    I can be found ranting and raving about...the movie looks great.
    Camera angles were excellent and so was the lighting and sound...This
    movie doesn't have one single socially redeemable quality and it's a
    great movie! I can't remember the last time I laughed quite this hard.
    Now, I know that it's not considered PC to laugh at women with weight
    issues or little people in their underwear or under educated back
    woods type folks but damn it, it was funny!"
    John Oak Dalton of MicroCinemaScene (
    sez: "A raucous romp through many stereotypes and genre warned that lots of baked beans are enjoyed, in all
    the ways baked beans can be enjoyed...A big cast (showing off a lot of
    funny performances) seems to be enjoying themselves; of note are
    Felicia Pandolfi as the exasperated undead royalty, Warren EBB as her
    long-suffering minion, Rob Merickel as the eye-bugging Little Junior,
    Bill Bradford as his acid-tongued sidekick, and Carrie Davis as the
    matriarch of a (perhaps too) closely-related brood."
    Even Chris Seaver from sez: "Just
    watched the flick and LOVED it. Oh man it looks SWEEEEET!"
    Check it out at!

    New Sale!
    This weekend's sale is a special one: Pick up the selected $30
    W.A.V.E. titles for just $25!! Your favorite W.A.V.E. stars –
    including Tina Krause, Barbara Joyce, Debbie D and Misty Mundae! Your
    favorite W.A.V.E. situations – including strangling, quicksand and
    hypnotism! Both VHS and DVD!

    Titles include:

    AFTER MIDNIGHT VHS - A New Anthology by Falcon Video. Hosted by Suzi
    Lorraine and Starring,Monic Puller, Laura Giglio, Babrabra Joyce,
    Heidi Martinuzzi and Debbie D!
    The world is getting taking over by vampires and there is time to tell
    some scary stories in between. A really scary and sexy movie. From the
    Makers of Before I Die and the Jacker series. 68 minutes.
    (Violence,Language, Nudity) Just $25.00!

    ALIEN ABDUCTION (VHS) - Aliens arrive on our planet in search of earth
    women on which to experiment! Three helpless women are abducted and
    taken to a spaceship in order to determine if their DNA is compatible
    with the aliens? The alien planet is dying and they must find a way
    for their people to reproduce! Only through experimenting on the three
    women do they have any chance to help their world survive! Starring
    Debbie D, Barbara Joyce, Pamela Sutch, Dean Paul, and Bridgett as the
    sexy alien, determined to impregnate one of the women. Will she be
    successful? Will the three women escape their captor? Will the alien
    world survive? (violence, drowning, strangling, electrocution, topless
    nudity) (65 min.) $25.00!!

    DEFIANT NIECE (DVD-R) - Bound & Drowned! Crystal (Laura Giglio) is
    sent to llive with her Aunt Dot (Pamela Stutch) and Uncle Edgar (GW
    Lawrewnce) because her mother can't handle her any more. Wearing
    nothing but short skirts and skimpy tops, Crystal needs to be taught
    how to be a lady. And Aunt Dot is just the one to do it. She uses ice
    cold water to get her message across. Crystal is forced to take a cold
    water shower while completely dressed as both her Aunt and Uncle look
    on. But Crystal is still defiant and must undergo some very unusual
    punishments including being drenched to the skin and then left tied up
    in the woods overnight. Will her Aunt and Uncle be able to make
    Crystal into a proper young lady? Or will Aunt Dot be forced to drown
    her niece to teach her a lesson? Bound and gagged, Crystal is pushed
    off the diving board and left to fend for herself. Will she survive?
    Special appearance by Debbie D. (topless nudity, under water shots)

    DOUBLE FEATURE: Duct Tape Killer & The Silver Mummy (DVD) - THE DUCT
    TAPE KILLER (1998) - starring Tina Krause. Real Crime Videos are
    shocking tales of real crimes torn from today's headlines! All are
    loosely based on fact! First up, a beautiful young woman (Tina Krause)
    has recurring nightmares of being chloroformed repeatedly and then
    bound and gagged with duct tape while completely nude. But will the
    final nightmare be all too real? Also starring Bill Hellfire as the
    stalker. (violence, nudity) 75min. And THE SILVER MUMMY (1999)
    starring Tina Krause and Misty Mundae. The sequel to "The Duct Tape
    Killer" starring 19 Year Old Misty Mundae and Tina Krause. Judy
    (Krause) has had recurring nightmares about being chloroformed, duct
    taped, and eventually killed. Unable to sleep in her own apartment,
    Judy asks her ex-boyfriend, Bob (Bill Hellfire), and his current
    girlfriend, Cynthia, (Misty Mundae) if she can stay with them. They
    agree, but the jealous girlfriend has her own ideas. She plans on
    making Judy's nightmares become all too real! She chloroforms Judy,
    strips her, and binds her with duct tape. Just like in her nightmares!
    For her final revenge, Cynthia knocks Judy out and wraps her entire
    body with duct tape! She then turns on the gas and leaves Judy to die.
    But will the stranger who shows up rescue Judy in time, or will he
    ignore the helpless girl's protests and light the cigarette sending
    them both to their deaths in a gigantic explosion? (nudity, violence,
    chloroforming, carrying) 75min. DVD includes Outtakes & Bloopers as
    well as an extensive Trailer Vault. SRP is $30.00, sale price $25!!

    FIREBRAND: DEAD OR ALIVE! DVD-R - W.A.V.E..'s first interactive DVD.
    You hold the fate of Firebrand in your own hands! But not only that,
    you decide if Topaz lives or dies! Firebrand is captured by Topaz's
    greatest enemy, the alien Shapeshifter! Impersonating Topaz, the alien
    killer lures Firebrand into a trap. Its objective? Gain Firebrand's
    powers! The Shapeshifter gains its strength by absorbing the fear and
    pain of its victims. Once a superheroine dies, the Shapeshifter can
    absorb all of her powers. The Shapeshifter places Firebrand in
    numerous deathtraps, gaining strength from the superheroine's struggle
    for survival. Once the alien has gained Firebrand?s powers, it will
    have enough power to kill Topaz herself! You decide if Firebrand
    survives being electrocuted, cut by a laser, or gassed to death!
    Starring Laura Giglio, Pamela Sutch, and Debbie D.

    HYPNOTIZED & CLONED MODELS VHS - Tina Krause, Vanessa Carlton, Barbara
    Joyce, Debbie D, Dawn Murphy, Dean Paul, and GW Lawrence star in this
    sexy thriller about a mad scientist who clones his victims and then
    sells the clones into white slavery with no one the wiser. Each of the
    women is hypnotized and then cloned. Then they are told to forget
    everything that has happened. See 4 Tina's at once! See Barbara and
    Debbie react to their own clones! See Dawn in a harem outfit staring
    at her exact duplicate! See the defective clones die by strangling,
    gassing. electrocution, impaled by arrows, and shot. Will the
    scientist and his accomplice be caught or will they continue to sell
    the clones without anyone ever finding out?
    (full nudity, violence, hypnotism, lingerie) Running time: 60 min.
    $25?? YES!

    HYPNOTIZED! by "The Hypnotic Cube" (DVD-R) For the release of this
    special DVD edition, we've added 25 minutes of all new footage that
    will show you the final fate of Serena (Laura Giglio) and Rebecca
    (Debbie D). It's 2 years later and Rebecca still controls Serena and
    forces her to do exactly what she wants her to do. This includes
    having Serena dress up as a French maid and clean the house, stand
    outside in front of oncoming traffic and remove her top, and do
    something that's so disgusting you'll just have to see it to believe
    it! But what of Rebecca? You'll see what happens to her as well. MOVIE
    SYNOPSIS Laura Giglio and Debbie D play two roommates, Serena and
    Rebecca, respectively. Prior to going to a party, Serena shows Rebecca
    a "hypnotic cube" that she picked up at a flea market. Playing around,
    Rebecca agrees to be hypnotized. But once Rebecca is under her
    control, Serena has revenge on her mind. Serena blames Rebecca for
    stealing her boyfriend away from her. After forcing her "friend" to do
    a number of embarrassing things, Serena plants a post hypnotic
    suggestion that when Rebecca hears the phone ring, she will take her
    gun out of the desk drawer, put it in her mouth, and pull the trigger.
    But things aren't quite what they seem and Serena has the tables
    turned on her. Rebecca then has her revenge when she forces Serena to
    kiss her feet, beg like a dog, and experience being suffocated and
    burned alive! However, a third party enters the picture, that of
    Rebecca's psychiatrist. What will he do when learns about the
    "hypnotic cube"? (topless nudity, violence, hypnotic submission) – Now
    just $25!

    LURID CRIME STORIES 2 (DVD-R) Three all new stories of strange and
    bizarre crimes! First up, "The Execution" stars Suzi Leigh as a sexy
    convict who thinks her feminine wiles will keep her out of the
    electric chair. Is she right or will she fry? In "The Inquisition"
    Laura Giglio stars as a bank employee who sells drugs on the side. Her
    new co-worker wants to know where the drugs are and kidnaps the young
    woman and places her in a deadly deathtrap. She has 4 minutes to talk
    or an axe above her head will fall, killing her instantly. Will she
    survive or will the axe find its mark? And in the last segment,
    "Strangled Vixens" Barbara Joyce and Laura Giglio star as two women
    who diss the wrong guy at a bar and may pay for it with their lives.
    (nudity, violence, chloroforming) (65 min.) Sale: $25.00!

    SUBURBAN STRANGLER, THE (DVD-R) - After disappearing 6 years ago, the
    Suburban Strangler is back! Barbara Joyce, Suzi Leigh, Pamela Sutch,
    Debbie D, and Laura Giglio star as the women who are his intended
    victims. Will the Strangler be able to kill the one that got away 6
    years ago? And will Mickey (Dean Paul), the cop from Strangler For
    Hire, catch him before he kills them all? Find out in The Suburban
    Strangler. (violence, strangling, carrying, topless nudity) (60 min.)
    Now just $25.00!

    THIRTEENTH CLONE DVD-R - Tina Krause, Mia Copia, Pamela Sutch, Kassie
    Karr, Debbie D, Destiny, Laura Giglio, Laura Love, Barbara Joyce, Dean
    Paul, Dawn Murphy, David Lee, and GW Lawrence star in this long
    awaited film. Tina and Debbie are two killer clones out to eliminate
    their exact doubles. See Tina die 7 different ways including
    strangulation, decapitation, drowning, impalement with an arrow,
    electroctuted, gassed, and shot! See Debbie mow down 7 of her own
    clones in a shooting rampage! See a violent confrontation between Tina
    and Debbie that will leave only one of them alive! And while all this
    is going on, Sarah (Pamela Sutch) investigates the murders that are
    occurring all over the country only to learn a startling truth!
    (full nudity, violence) (85 min.) SALE PRICE JUST $25.00!

    Plus, these other great titles:

    Blind Date Strangler, The (VHS)
    HYPNOTIZED! by "The Hypnotic Cube" (VHS)
    JACKER 2 (VHS)
    Lethal Ladies 2 (DVD-R)
    Lethal Ladies 2 (VHS)
    Lethal Ladies VHS
    Photo Murders 2 VHS
    Strangled 1 Special Edition (VHS)
    STRANGLED 1: Special Edition (DVD-R)
    Thirteenth Clone VHS

    Hurry! This sale ends on Monday, October 11th! Don't miss out!!

    All this and more at!

    Ron Bonk
    Sub Rosa Studios, LLC
    Fax: 315-622-2315
    , Oct 8, 2004
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