Setting up a Secure GRE Tunnel

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping that someone would be able to give me some help on an
    issue I've been having.

    I want to setup a secure GRE Tunnel between two of my sites. First the

    Site A:

    Has a 1721 router.
    Nothing very complex is setup at this site. It has one connection to
    the Internet.
    I have NAT setup for all internal traffic to pass-through on a
    different IP address than the outside interface.

    Site B:

    This site is much more complicated.
    But the router that I want to connect to is connected directly to my
    providers backend. So I have a private address on the outside of my
    router. I have an Internet connection on it. I created VLAN 1 on this
    router with a Public Address. All my server for the outside are
    connected to the VLAN with public addresses. So the VLAN 1 address is
    their Gateway. The public addresses pass through my provider just
    fine. Everything works on that side. I even have NAT happening for my
    internal traffic for Internet. It is a separate IP than the VLAN 1 IP.

    But now I want to setup a Tunnel on that router. I can't seem to get it
    to connect.

    Site A I believe is simple to setup, but I'm not sure how to proceed on
    Site B. I thought about using the address on VLAN 1 for the tunnel. I
    got it to make the connection, but as soon as the tunnel is established
    it stops sending traffic for Site A through interface f1. Instead it
    just sends it out over VLAN 1. So the traffic ends up going no where.

    So I then thought about having to use NAT with another IP address. So
    I tried setting up a loopback interface. But it seems like I'm not
    setting it up at all close. I've tried searching the Internet on this
    type of config. I've found a bunch of examples that were somewhat
    similar, but not exactly what I'm trying.

    So if anyone has any ideas of some examples or what steps I would need
    to do I would very much appreciate it.


    , Jan 3, 2007
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