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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Arne, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. Arne

    Arne Guest

    During testing <div style="overflow:auto;"> in CSS I noticed the
    mousewheel would work in Mozilla only after I made a <a href="#">some
    text</a> link and clicked on that, within the div.

    It appears as if Mozilla needs to have the focus set on that div in
    order for the mousewheel to work. That's all that link does. The
    mousewheel works perfectly in IE without the link. It scrolls the div
    even if there is a scrollbar on the page.

    Why am testing? That's because there is sites 'out there' that use
    scrolling div's and I discovered that I could not use my mousewheel to
    scroll when I used Mozilla. In IE it works by placing the cursor
    anywhere inside the div.

    With the link inside the div the scrolling works on IE even for
    keyboard users, even if it may be a nightmare the keys takes you thru
    the links and when the link in the div is focused you can scroll it
    with the arrow keys.

    Why does that not work in other browsers and is there a way (others
    than I described abow) to make it work? But remember now, I know about
    the "usability no-no" but I would like to know since I would like to
    use the scrolling on sites where they use the scrolling div's.

    Is there any reason (according to standard or something else) why
    Mozilla can't scroll without setting the focus, and is there any other
    way to do it. If the "usability no-no" is the reason why standard
    compliant (is it the right word?) browser don't support it, then why
    support the scrolling divs at all?


    Top posters will be ignored. Quote the part you
    are replying to, no more and no less! And don't
    quote signatures, thank you.
    Arne, Jul 17, 2005
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