Seeking further comment Re: Mike Easter's answer

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ~BD~, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. ~BD~

    ~BD~ Guest

    I said to Mike .........

    "If so, I'd appreciate a comment as to why you could not 'stitch' the
    four posts together, and view the screenshot, when I could do so.

    Thanks for any reply".

    Mike responded with a 'No' (his prerogative)

    I wonder if anyone else can tell me why *I* could see the screenshot I
    posted on the (supposedly) Microsoft newsgroup '' when it seems
    that that is 'impossible".

    TIA, Dave

    ~BD~ wrote:
    > In-line responses, Mike
    > As I have mentioned, I am not a computer geek. When I was learning
    > electronics the transistor was in it's infancy and the computer I
    > maintained on board ship had thermionic valves (tubes). My late son,
    > though, was a computer guru. He gained a good physics degree from
    > Manchester University and from there went to work for ICL in
    > Stevenage, UK.
    >>> It would have been far more helpful for you to suggest why only
    >>> three of the four sections of the message 'got through' to this
    >>> group when all four arrived safely in the '' group.

    >> -1- the binary attachments did not arrive 'safely' in either group

    > On my laptop with XP Home SP3 and using Outlook Express 6 as the
    > newsreader, four parts of the message/binary did arrive in the
    > '' group. By highlighting the four items (by holding down the
    > 'shift' key) and then right-clicking and selecting 'Combine and
    > Decode' the Screenshot I posted shows 'clear as a bell'!
    >> -2- you should not post binaries in any discussion groups, including
    >> test (text only) discussion groups

    > I have not been aware that Microsft groups disallow binaries. I have
    > seen same used from time to time to emphasise a point. I am, though,
    > well aware that (probably!) one shouldn't open such items when posted
    > in a newsgroup!
    > I am fully aware that one must not (indeed, cannot!) post binaries
    > using Eternal-September
    >> -3- there are no binaries-allowed groups on the MS newsserver

    > Well - it works (on my machine!)
    >> -4- binaries can be appropriately posted to binaries newsgroups on
    >> newsservers carrying binary groups or binaries can be posted to free
    >> filetransfer websites

    > Indeed so. They were not only allowed but encouraged on some groups at
    > Whilst this might seem strange, I have a notion that such binaries
    > there may carry malware (but have no evidence).
    >> -5- since you don't respect the netiquette of newsgroups, why would
    >> anyone want to help you in your efforts to 'diss' (disrespect) these
    >> groups

    > A good question, Mike! Well, some folk do offer help and advice and
    > have not 'kill-filed' me (an expression I'd never heard until first I
    > came to the newsgroups). Indeed, it would be quite easy for me to
    > re-invent myself with a completely new persona and post accordingly. I
    > have deliberately chosen to remain identifiable even though I have
    > altered my 'nym' slightly from time to time. Btw, the John D to which
    > Mr Foldes referred was, indeed, me when I first discovered John Doe
    > and his views on fighting terrorism! (I'll see if I can find a link
    > later). I agreed with every sentment expressed.
    > If there really was a 'law of averages', it would tell you that in all
    > likelihood there will be bad guys using these groups as well as the
    > very many good ones (and I include you in the latter category!). If
    > something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Peter Foldes
    > first came under suspicion because 'he' knew 'the answer to
    > everything' and posted responses at any time of the day or night - 24
    > hours a day! I wondered if 'he' was part of a team, but I'm uncertain
    > of that now. I was interested to review your dialogue with him in the
    > group, btw!
    > PA Bear is another 'don't know' situation. At times we seemed to get
    > on fine and appeared to be 'in-tune' but something doen't 'feel' quite
    > right. When I subscribed to - at the personal invitation
    > of Robear Dyer - I went basically to 'investigate'. At first all went
    > well and I thought I'd found a good home to ask my questions. I did
    > learn a new word there - 'hinky'. To this day I don't know exactly
    > why I was banned from posting there, but since then Mr Dyer has
    > consistently lied about me having been banned by ISP's. I have
    > never been banned by *any ISP - ever! Neither will he engage in
    > rational discussion.
    > I believe in truth and justice. Cybercrime has escalated exponentially
    > over the last five years. If I can do anything to help reduce same
    > then my efforts will be continued - your help is much appreciated and
    > I have taken on board your comments about the newsgroups.
    > HTH
    ~BD~, Aug 16, 2009
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  2. ~BD~


    "~BD~" <> wrote:

    >[This section was removed and saved as file d:\Agent data base\Agent Incoming\wink.gif]

    You don't do this. - This is the raw version of your post, the file
    was deleted unseen - [Deleted] wink.gif


    Soon to be seen on
    , Aug 16, 2009
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  3. ~BD~

    ~BD~ Guest

    > "~BD~" <> wrote:
    >> [This section was removed and saved as file d:\Agent data base\Agent
    >> Incoming\wink.gif]

    > You don't do this. - This is the raw version of your post, the file
    > was deleted unseen - [Deleted] wink.gif

    I noticed (*after* I had posted) that a 'wink' was attached.

    It was unintended - my apologies.

    ~BD~, Aug 16, 2009
  4. ~BD~

    ~BD~ Guest

    ~BD~ wrote:

    FYI - Mike has responded in the '' group.

    ~BD~, Aug 16, 2009
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