Robert Rodriguez on the Sin CIty DVD.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Allan

    Allan Guest

    Q:Is DVD the kind of director's new best friend?

    Rodriguez: Yeah, for I think it's just the way you can perceive how
    movie entertainment's viewed and that's just for DVD but like future
    HD DVD and all the extra things you put on it. When I was doing Sin
    City, you're just very aware that, OK, there's a theatrical release
    which is pretty much a one-shot. People go and see it in the theatres
    for a couple of weeks and then they kind of forget about that, and
    then whatever comes out later is the more definitive version. So, it's
    all frank, let's just do three stories and I know it doesn't make a
    whole lot of sense, cram three stories together and we'll shoot the
    full books but in editing, I just figure out what stuff we need to cut
    out to make it flow as a feature for the theatrical release so people
    can sit there under two hours and see sort of a resemblance of what
    the movie is. But when it goes to DVD, we do the special edition where
    a second disc would have the stories separated out in their full cut
    so you can see it the way you would read the books. You just watch the
    Ol' Bastard and see it full cut or see Big Fat Kill, and that's the
    way you're supposed to read the books. You're not supposed to read
    three in a row really quick. So that's going to be cool. So we already
    thought about that so we shot the full books knowing, and all the
    voice-overs, knowing we could put it together as single episodes and
    that eventually we did part two and part three, you'd end up having a
    disc that had all the stories separated and you could put them in any
    order you want or watch them any way you want.

    Q: Well, knowing that there may be different versions of the movie,
    released on DVD, do you do anything in particular to make sure you
    distinguish one from the other. I mean, as a film maker, do you make
    sure to do something to distinguish one release from the other? Like
    Peter Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings movies.

    Rodriguez: Well you guys put out one. This one Barry put in that one
    that comes out next week that was just bare – I had not put anything
    extra on that because I didn't have time to finish my DVD extras, they
    put that out four months later because of piracy and stuff like that.
    So they'll make sure you don't put anything on there so that they
    know, well this isn't the real DVD. The real DVD should come out
    fairly quick which will be just obviously the double disc with all the
    goodies on it. It has everything, all kinds of stuff in there. It'll
    have a twenty minute film school, a new cooking school, Sin City
    breakfast tacos. My favourite feature is, you know, when people watch
    DVDs they complain, well the only thing about home entertainment is
    you miss that audience experience. Well the best audience is in
    Austin, especially for a movie that was made there, could be showed,
    the premieres with the actors there, with a 1500 seat theatre and they
    go crazy. In Sin City there was a big reaction. I recorded the
    audience at 5.1 so watching the DVD and you want to see it with an
    Austin audience on premiere night, you just click a button and they're
    all there, so it's really cool. And then Quentin when he directed his
    sequence, he just let the tape roll while we were recording or
    shooting, and sit and tape for an hour or so. There's something like
    twenty minute uninterrupted tapes, his sequencing. You see him go in
    front of the camera and talk with the actors and directing and you
    hear the whole sounds of the set. It's like you're sitting right there
    in the set, seeing the movie being shot, from the point of view of the
    camera that's shooting the movie and uninterrupted, it's really cool,
    you feel like you're right there and you get to see what it's like to
    work with Quentin and the actors and how the movie actually gets made.

    "Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game
    because they almost always turn out to be -- or to be indistinguishable from
    -- self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time."
    - Neil Stephenson, _Cryptonomicon_
    Allan, Aug 8, 2005
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  2. Allan

    Jordan Guest

    Odd he doesn't say anything about multiple takes and stuff... From my
    memory there were two sequences removed from the Marv story and one
    that was edited. I wonder if all of this is going to be back in or not?

    Removed sequence - Marv goes home to his mom's house to get his gun,
    Removed sequence - Marv, imprisoned at the farm-house, throws himself
    against the door repeatedly trying to break it. (In the movie he pulls
    the bars from the window.)

    Edited sequence - When Marv is tied up being pistol-whipped by the
    hookers he tells them "You shouldn't use the barrel of the gun like
    that, it will throw it all out of whack, you should use the butt of the
    gun like you did the first time..."
    Jordan, Aug 8, 2005
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