Renewing a connection with Windows ME - Long

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by The Thunder Child, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. First I'll give a few paragraphs of history before getting to the
    problem. I'm thinking this info will be of use to anyone who cares to
    help with this problem.

    I've got a DLS connection through Verizon for my home computer. My
    computer, a Dell Dimension 4600, running Windows HP, is connected using

    a Westell Versalink model 327W.

    Three (well, currently two) computers are wirelessly connected to this.

    One is a Mac, one is a Dimenision 4700, and the one that I'm currently
    having a problem with is a Pavilion HP running Windows ME, connected
    wirelessly via a Linksys WIreless G, 24 ghz.

    About a week ago my modem went off line and in order to reset it the
    Help Desk rep had me change the WEP password. (I've had this problem
    many times in the past and this is the first time they've had me use,
    let alone change, this password).

    Yesterday it went offline again and although I got it back up on my
    own, I had to go to the Mac and the Dimension 4700 and re-establish the

    connection, accessing something to get to the WEP password and
    inputting the one the help desk person made me put in.

    Anyway...I actually had to call the helpdesk twice for help to get the
    Dimension 4700 back online. Explained the history to the first fellow,

    who had me doing this-and- that for at least forty minutes despite the
    fact that I told him this had happened before and was an easy fix. [My

    memory sucks or I'd have been able to do it myself. I think.]

    Anyway, he ended up telling me the problem was with the computer and
    for me to call Dell.

    Waited a couple of hours to ease the frustration level, then called
    again. The second fellow was able to help me, and this time I wrote
    down the steps to access the WEP password window so that when it
    happens again I'll be able to fix it myself on that particular

    Anyway, so happy was I to get that computer online, and so tired was I
    of being on the phone, that I hung up before remembering that I had a
    problem with the Pavilion HP.

    And I do not want to call them again if I can help it. With my luck
    I'll get someone who'll make me change all sorts of things on *this*
    computer, that will affect the others, and I'll be messing around for
    hours and hours.

    So I hope I can give enough info such that someone here can help.

    Anyway, the Pavilion is running Windows ME, and so the settings and
    names are different from Windows HP.

    On Windows HP I'm to go to Control Panel, [Network and Internet],
    [Network Connections], [Wireless], [Properties], yada yada, you get the


    When I try this on the Windows ME, I don't get the same choices. My
    only choices in the Control Panel are [Network] and [Internet Options],

    and none of them bring up Network Connections! That I can see,

    I know this must be easy, many times in the past someone has walked me
    through it, and yes I regret very much not writing down the steps....

    But if anyone can read through this and knows the steps I should take
    to re-establish my connection, I'd appreciate it.

    When I open the Linksys window, it knows the name of the computer its
    looking for, says it reaches the Access Point, but there's no Internet

    Thanks for any help.
    The Thunder Child, Mar 22, 2006
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