Remote assistance working, then konked out... Help!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Muze Gruppes, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Muze Gruppes

    Muze Gruppes Guest

    I was using this last night to fix a friends computer (tons of trojans,
    spyware, and she had NO firewall, even the Windows Sp2 FW was OFF)

    Poor girl has no idea what she's doing... so anyway, everything was
    going find, then her connection freaked, so I thought maybe the time
    limit for remote assistance was over, so I told her to increase the time
    that remote assistance will carry on, that didn't help.
    So I tooled around with my firewall to see if I had inadvertently
    made a boo boo on my end. Nothing helped. I would "accept remote
    assistance help" from my friend, then a small window would come asking
    for her to go ahead but she saw nothing. this would hang for a long time
    or it would go into an add error message (I think it had to do with host
    name resolution) PLUS twice last night Win Live Messenger signed me off
    with an error code I could not decipher.
    Then I tried with regular windows messenger (that horrid spam thing
    from what I have read and heard, which oddly enough I've never ever
    gotten spam from it, not sure why, maybe because I rarely used it).

    My best guess is that ONCE in a while MSN/Windows Live Messenger has
    connection problems that sometimes last around a 1/2 hour (not often
    that this occurs) I checked with the messenger connection "checker" I
    forgot the exact name, but it tells you whether there are any
    network/server/whatever problems and it said that everything was fine.
    (Like I should trust Multiple Skill-Ruckus)

    Anyway, I need to finish the work I started last night and now I'm
    thinking I should try netmeeting if Rem. asst doesn't work tonight. Only
    problem , I used netmeeting once (a friend looked in my comp to check
    things out) and I can't figure out where to find it in my computer Dell
    8200 Sp2 XP Home

    THANKS For your help :)))
    Muze Gruppes, Aug 27, 2007
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  2. Mr. Arnold

    Mr. Arnold Guest

    "Muze Gruppes" <> wrote in message
    >I was using this last night to fix a friends computer (tons of trojans,
    >spyware, and she had NO firewall, even the Windows Sp2 FW was OFF)

    If your friend does any financial stuff like banking, etc, etc. You should
    tell her not to trust the computer as far as she can throw a building
    somewhere, because detection software can and they do miss exploits, which
    can still be on the computer. I worked with a guy who had Windows ME with
    tons of malware running on the machine, due to his kids using the machine,
    with no FW running ever. He had his bank account cleaned out.
    Mr. Arnold, Aug 27, 2007
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