recieve $1200 for referring one home seller!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by G. Morgan, Oct 19, 2004.

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    On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 00:44:45 -0700 "Tjymas Blackmore"
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    >Recieve $1200 For Referring One Home Seller
    >(we say "yes" when banks say "no"!)

    Blackmore, Tjymas
    1120 W North St,
    Kalamazoo, MI 49006-2316
    (269) 349-8598

    Remove the 'snails' from my email
    G. Morgan, Oct 19, 2004
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  2. Recieve $1200 For Referring One Home Seller
    (we say "yes" when banks say "no"!)

    Earn a six-figure income this year by simply finding home sellers in your
    local paper, through local real estate agents, or local lawn signs. We
    guarantee home sellers more for their properties and let them try our system
    with no cost or commitment.
    Our EASY MORTGAGE MONEY financing sells homes instantly and for full value
    to buyers who can't meet the rigid standards of conventional lenders. It is
    estimated that only about 26% of people actually qualify for conventional
    financing. This system makes the seller's property "special" to thousands of
    people who cannot obtain conventional financing. In fact, it makes their
    house so special that many of these people will consider their house the
    only one they can buy. That's why they will flood the seller with FULL PRICE
    Simply find home sellers and refer them to us. We'll show them how to use
    the system and even help them close the sale. You don't need any mortgage or
    real estate expertise to recieve these GIGANTIC referral fees.
    With our guaranteed performance and no cost or commitment enrollment,
    you'll enroll virtually every home seller you can find. If you can find just
    one typical home seller per week, you can earn over $60,000 in one year.
    That's not bad, but is there any reason you can't find one home seller per
    day? One per day would produce an annual income of over $400,000. Before you
    discount $400,000 as an unrealistic goal, recognize that one of our
    promoters referred twenty-four home sellers in a single day! Can't you find
    one or maybe two!
    Our colorful brochure explains how the EASY MORTGAGE MONEY system sells our
    clients' properties instantly and for full value. To register home sellers
    with no cost or commitment, merely give them a brochure and registration
    form personalized with your name and I.D. number. That's all you need to do
    to recieve your $1200 for referring 1 home seller!

    Multiply Your Income -- Enroll New Promoters
    You recieve massive enrollment bonuses and override commissions when you
    enroll new promoters. No this is not multi-level marketing - this is two
    level marketing - the system that produces both fast cash enrollment bonuses
    and GIGANTIC overrides.
    When you enroll an EASY MORTGAGE MONEY promoter, your enrollment bonus is a
    whopping $100. And once your promoters get productive, you recieve a
    GIGANTIC 33% override on all of their commissions. The override on a typical
    transaction is hundreds of dollars! If you were to enroll just three
    promoters who each registered just one typical home seller per day, you
    could retire with an annual income of over $400,000.

    Order Your Guaranteed Start-Up Kit Today
    We're so confident that you'll be successful as an EASY MORTGAGE MONEY
    promoter, we offer a money back guarantee on your EASY MORTGAGE MONEY
    start-up kit. Check it out for yourself. Prove to yourself how easily you'll
    accumulate a fortune with this system. If you don't agree, return the kit
    within 30 days, and we'll refund your purchase price. You've got nothing to
    lose, so don't miss out! Your EASY MORTGAGE MONEY start-up kit costs just
    $295 - truely trivial compared to the immediate income stream you'll produce
    with this kit. For more info or to get started contact: Tjymas Blackmore at
    (866)295-4548 or go online to:
    Tjymas Blackmore, Oct 19, 2004
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