Re: Word Perfect 11 slow to print

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Linker3000, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Linker3000

    Linker3000 Guest

    smackedass wrote:

    > Hello,
    > A customer has suddenly had trouble printing from Corel WP11. He's going
    > via parallel cable from a newer Dell machine to a HP 648C. In particular, a
    > 2-page WP document takes about 2 minutes to spool. Once the printing
    > begins, it prints at a normal speed, but from the time that you see
    > "Preparing the document to print" til it actually begins to print, takes a
    > long time.
    > None of the other applications are slow. In fact, I copied and pasted the
    > contents of the aforementioned document into a Microsoft Word document, and
    > there was no delay, at all.
    > What I have tried:
    > -I was able to print the document from his wife's computer, no problem, it
    > printed at normal speed.
    > -Went to the Corel site, and tried a bunch of stuff like, went to msconfig,
    > hid all Microsoft services, disabled all; went to System
    > Properties/Performance/Settings/Advanced, changed Adjust for Best
    > Performance to Background Services (from Programs). No go.
    > -Tried a different IEEE1284 compliant parallel cable
    > -There's no spyware or viruses.
    > Regretfully, the one thing that I DIDN'T try was to uninstall/re-install the
    > Corel suite. That's next on the docket...also will try printing from USB
    > rather than parallel.
    > (May have answered my own question...)
    > Any suggestions? Anyone live through this?
    > Thanks, in advance.
    > smackedass

    If his wife's PC is also running the same version of Corel and it prints
    OK, I'd first compare printer driver settings but I'd also look at
    installed/available RAM and free disk space. Maybe a defrag too?
    Linker3000, Jul 11, 2005
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  2. Guest

    I ran into this before, i cant remember exactly what the fix is, but
    there is a setting in Corel that needs to be tweaked. Its a sub-level
    or 2 down from the main print menu. Its really annoying.

    If I had WP installed here I'd try to find it again. I have it at
    work, i'll loke tomorrow and post back
    , Jul 12, 2005
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