Re: WMP11 wma VBR, or is it actually ABR?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by thanatoid, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. thanatoid

    thanatoid Guest

    zynteq7 <> wrote in

    > Lookout wrote:
    >> On Wed, 09 Apr 2008 19:36:05 -0400, zynteq7
    >> <> wrote:
    >>> I am convinced that the .wma VBR ripping setting is
    >>> actually ABR. After I've ripped .wma vbr files using
    >>> WMP11 and when playing back in foobar2000, the bitrate
    >>> remains the same when playing (as opposed to EVERY ripper
    >>> I've ever used).
    >>> I've tried, Audiograbber, Free-Rip, Easy CD-DA extractor,
    >>> Cdex, etc... and the bitrate changes constantly when
    >>> played back. Also when checking the properties for the
    >>> .wma vbr, it doesn't list the codec as being vbr as
    >>> opposed to if it was ripped with LAME VBR, it mentions in
    >>> the properties that it's VBR.
    >>> If anyone can show me that it's actually VBR, please
    >>> help, because I don't understand why it's listed the way
    >>> it is.

    It's a Microsoft product. WHY would you expect it to behave like
    any of the other similar software out there? WHY woud you expect
    it to make accurate claims about what it can and can not do? WHY
    would you use it in the FIRST PLACE?

    >>> Thanks :)
    >>> P.S. Yes I posted this in the Hydrogen Audio forums
    >>> before, but got little response.

    Having never visited (so far, no need) I would still wager a
    guess that it was because no one there will talk to anyone who
    is stupid enough to go anywhere near Microsoft's multimedia

    >> Why would you rip to WMA?

    > That wasn't my question BUT since you asked...
    > because it's easy, fast (faster than about every ripper out
    > there), I wanted VBR encoded files (you can rip in mp3 on
    > WMP11 but not at VBR) and the album art is downloaded
    > automatically. and just because it's .wma doesn't mean
    > there is DRM involved!

    Well, for a WMP (let alone ver 11) user those are moderately
    lucid answers, but you are still a fool, no offense.

    The lonely child plays with eternity, while a gang of children
    plays with time.

    Karel Capek
    thanatoid, Apr 10, 2008
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