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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by vja2000, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. vja2000

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    Generally, the reason it cannot renew the connection is
    that enough time for release of the IP address has not been
    established. So, essentially you are trying to connect
    using an IP that the system thinks is already in use.

    That said, there are a couple of things that will cause
    your connection to drop. If you have anything interfering
    with the wireless channel you are using, such as a wireless
    2.4 phone, microwave oven - anything in the 2,400 range,
    this may cause your connection to drop. Most phones now
    auto-channel and you cannot select a new channel. If you
    are on channel one with your wireless and your phone
    happens to hit channel one AND you get close enough to your
    wirelss router or adapter, you will likely lose the
    connection. If you are sitting at the kitchen table with
    your wireless laptop and the wife turns the microwave on,
    you will also likely lose your wireless connection. Oddly
    enough and for whatever reason, when I am wireless in the
    garage, I often lose my connection when the AC handler
    shuts off - go figure.

    Anyway, the gleam of the 2.4 gig phones is over for me. I
    now use a 900 megahertz, spread spectrum phone with good
    clarity and range and it never interferes with my wireless

    Most phones will land on the same channel when they are
    engaged. So, try changing your wireless net to a different
    channel until you find one that is less interfered with.

    Lastly, check the renew or lease time of your wireless
    adapters and see where they're set at. If they're set at
    like 24 hours, try setting them for a week or even a month
    as I do. Also, you may wish to simply set your wireless
    adapters to a static IP to eliminate this possible cause. I
    did this on my primary machine to assure there would never
    be an IP issue, as I use this particular machine for remote


    >-----Original Message-----
    >I also forgot to include this is using WEP, and does it

    with both Windows
    >Zero disabled or enabled (as someone suggested that may be

    a problem). With
    >Windows Zero disabled, the Dlink software says it's still

    connected to the
    >network but Windows says it can't connect if you disable

    vja2000, Aug 26, 2004
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