Re: Windows 7 does not shut down and other stuff

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Bucky Breeder, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. zbatter <> bemoaned her computer situation thusly:

    > ?I have Windows 7 home premium and have been using it for 8 months.
    > Just in the last two weeks four things have started happening.
    > 1. Windows will not shut down - need to hard power off
    > 2. Right-clicking and Icon will cause computer to freeze up. Need to
    > hard power off some of the time.
    > 3. Placing CD/DVD in either drive and will not open, opening causes
    > long delay before being able to do other tasks.
    > 4. Sometimes when trying to print I get the message "Out of memory" but
    > everything else will work smoothly (Programs even heavy Graphic ones).
    > I have in the side bar a gadget that show minimal use of CPU and minimal
    > use on all 4 cores. I have searched Google to no avail. I have used
    > msconfig and turned off everything listed from loading to no avail. My
    > computer is a 64b system and have 8 g of ram.
    > Just today there were I believe 6 automatic updates that were trying to
    > install during shutdown, after 6 hours still stuck. Hard powered off
    > and restarted. I check Live update and said my computer was up to date,
    > however, it only showed on update instead of the six.
    > This is driving me nuts and fear that there will be damage eventually
    > from these hard shut downs.
    > Thank You

    Sounds like you have some 4 core programs installed in your 3 core
    directory, or some 2 core programs installed in your 4 core directory,
    or some combination of inappropriate 32-bit/64-bit programs conflicting
    with your system files/routines.

    You could have several things wrong, or perhaps just one big thing
    is terribly wrong. If I'd only had it 8 months, and it were the
    newest machine in my formidable inventory, I'd be inclined to to
    save my essential data, and doo-dads, make a notepad list of my
    personal configuration(s), and then simply re-install using the
    disc, or the restore feature of the unit.

    Then you could update all the appropriate Windows' fixes, reboot,
    cleanup, reboot, defrag and then slowly and methodically start to
    correctly install your personal programs and porn files in the
    exactly correct places.

    At 8-months, you should still be entitled to call up the
    Sears Tech Support Section for assistence with these chores.
    If it's an HP, you should also celebrate the fact that little
    Ms. Carly Fiorina gots her arse whooped by Barbara Boxer in
    California which goes to show that you just cain't roll-out
    all this Chinese-bullshit and then buy the CA elections.

    Also, with an HP, if you just raise enough hell on their 800
    number (which initially is in India), eventually they will transfer
    you to a nice American engineer in California who will tell you how
    to boot into secret administative menus and also send you some free
    stuff like DVD's and extra software and stuff like that. You must
    be very careful, however, because the Indian guy will ask for your
    credit card number, and then charge you hundreds of dollars for a
    pack of st00pid CDs which you'll never use anyways... There's
    different key-combinations to tap when booting up that will give
    you a bunch of neat options which you can change around and even
    some which HP really doesn't want you to know, or they'd have just
    put them in the manual in the first phreekin' place instead of
    making you spend days on the telephone telling those dumbasses how
    money grows on trees in America, but most of us won't go out and
    pick it because that's what the illegal Mexicans do, and then we
    just overcharge them for rent, clothes and groceries and stuff.
    No wonder they all want to come over here and get some food stamps!



    I AM Bucky Breeder, (*(^;
    and on the 'AWESOMENESS METER',
    I am about two clicks better than 'TOTALLY'!

    You should not view the world in terms
    of things which you do - or do not - "like";
    rather, you should view the world in terms
    of how things "actually are", recognizing
    and finding acceptance of them as such.

    This would immeasurably bring *much* more
    stability, peace and tranquility into your life.

    I could help you with that... but...
    I really just don't like you that much.

    Repent! The end is near.... Or, smoke 'em if you got 'em.
    And... good luck if there's an apocalypse.

    (Me? I don't go anywhere without a shotgun and package of beef jerky!)

    (And some breath-freshening gum... just in case I run into any pretty
    white ladies who wanna have some fun before I throw them out as bait
    to the flesh-eating zombies so I can escape quietly yet very quickly.)

    (And some condoms... because I wouldn't want to be the first guy who
    survives the apocolypse on Murray Povich staring at DNA child support.)
    Bucky Breeder, Nov 11, 2010
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