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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Billh, Jun 26, 2003.

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    In a perfect world you should use a limited user account for your day to day
    usage. The biggest thing is if you run in to something on the Internet that
    tries to install it's self it can not because you do not have install
    rights. Also you would be prevented from making any major changes to your
    computer. Thus saving yourself from yourself.

    But then reality sets in. I have a computer setup for my 10 year old,
    Windows XP Home, I have to give full rights over the system as half of the
    games on the computer refuse to run if you are a limited user. If anything
    bad happens I have a ghost image that I can restore in minutes so overall
    not a big deal.

    Then at work I just did a rework of an AutoCAD lab at the High School with
    Win 2k and you can not get Auto Cad working unless you are at least a Power
    user. That means the students can install stuff. I have turned the proxy
    off on their computers so they can not get on the Internet but if some one
    figures it out well you guessed it I have an image I can shoot back on them.

    I run in Administrator mode on my main computer all the time as well as any
    computer I run at work. Maybe this is a bad idea but then again if anything
    goes wrong I am the one that would be in charge of fixing it anyways.

    If you think about it you were running in "Administrator" mode on any
    Windows 95 or 98 computer you used to own.

    "John" <> wrote in message
    > I wanted to solicit opinions from this group on whether or not it is
    > advisable to use the Win2k Professional Administrator account for day
    > to day activities.
    > First, let me give some background.
    > I got the PC that I am talking about for routine day to day home use,
    > such as surfing the net, doing some light word processing, playing
    > games, and email, etc. It is not connected to a network. File sharing
    > is not enabled. I connect to the net via a dialup modem, but even so,
    > I use a firewall (Zone Alarm.) I also have Norton Antivirus enabled
    > and up to date and I regularly run Lavasoft Ad-aware. So I feel that
    > it is pretty secure.
    > I just happened to get a good deal on a PC that was pre installed with
    > Win2k, plus I had heard that Win2k is a pretty stable OS compared to
    > other Microsoft OS's such as WindowsME. (XP was not out yet at that
    > time.) So that's why I got this PC loaded with Win2k in the first
    > place.
    > So anyway, when I first set up the PC I decided that I didn't need to
    > create a user account. I decided to simply use the Administrator
    > account all the time. That way I reasoned that I could have total
    > control over my PC at all times without having to log off from my user
    > account and log on to my Administrator account to do certain tasks.
    > I didn't plan on having anyone else ever use my PC.
    > And up to now I have had no problems doing it that way. I haven't
    > missed not having a user account.
    > Well, I recently got out the Quick Start Guide that came with the PC
    > and read it again, and came across the following. I can't remember if
    > I had originally read this or not.
    > "We highly recommend that you do not use your Administrator account
    > for day-to-day activities such as running programs, working on
    > documents and visiting Internet sites. To protect the integrity of
    > your computer, use your personal user account for performing routine
    > tasks. If you need to perform administrative tasks, such as managing
    > accounts and resources on your computer, log on as the administrator,
    > perform the task, then log off." (This was printed by Microsoft.)
    > So I am wondering what you think about this. Should I heed that advice
    > from Microsoft and create and then start using a user account? I
    > could readily do that, although it would involve a bit of work since I
    > would have to re configure some of the programs on my PC to work with
    > that new user account.
    > Or do you think that in my particular situation I can safely continue
    > using the Administrator account without having a user account?
    > Thanks for your opinion.
    > John
    Billh, Jun 26, 2003
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