Re: [Win7 x64] Move partition C to another drive

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by, Aug 30, 2012.

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    On Monday, December 21, 2009 12:46:36 AM UTC+8, Ohmster wrote:
    > Hi. I have Windows 7 installed on a primary 1/3 partition of a 300Gb SATA
    > hard drive. The other 2/3 is are logical partitions of 100Gb each. Needless
    > to say, I am running out of room on drive C and also want to have my OS on
    > my biggest and fastest hard drive that I have. In the system is another 1Tb
    > SATA drive broken into 4 250Gb primary partitions for storage. I just put
    > in another 1Tb drive last night, broke it into 4 primary partitions of
    > 250Gb each, and gave it drive letters of L, M, N, & O. Because of this and
    > my mounted shares, I am running out of drive letters and cannot even plug
    > in a flash drive because there are no more letters left! (I have a 500Gb
    > Passport USB drive for backups.)
    > I want to Ghost my 100Gb C: system partition over to the first partition of
    > the new, fast, SATA, terabyte drive, currently empty as drive L:, then
    > while offline with Hiren's boot disc, use EASEUS Partition Master to make
    > the L: partition active, change it's drive letter to C: (It will be an
    > exact copy of the real drive C:), change the old drive C: letter to L: and
    > then boot up.
    > Question, can I do this? Will it work? Will I hose the crap out of my
    > system or is this a safe, recommended thing to do? Alternatively, I can
    > empty the other two partitions on the C: disk, then use the partition
    > manager to remove the partitions and have drive C: as a single 300Gb disk.
    > My thoughts on that is that the terabyte disk would of course be faster and
    > so that is the way to go for drive C:. What do you all recommend? Thanks.
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    Currently you could migrate the Win 7 to another drive without reinstalling any thing (including registration programs and drivers), learn more:
    , Aug 30, 2012
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