Re: Will Windows 7 Premium 64 bit run all of the top of the lineBusiness software?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by PeeCee, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. PeeCee

    PeeCee Guest

    On 8/12/2010 10:40 a.m., Alexander O'Neil wrote:
    > When I had P Home, it looked the same as Pro, but it refused to run
    > Quickbooks Pro, Filemaker Pro, and other high end software.
    > When I upgraded to Pro it wasn't long before the software was saying
    > that this was for P PRO sp2, or Vista operating system.
    > So is Windows 7 Home Premium less powerful than Windows 7 Ultimate 64
    > bit and will also not want to run the top of the line productivity
    > software?
    > What is the difference between 64 bit windows 7 and the 32 bit
    > version?
    > Does the average home based business owner need to have 64 bit? Or
    > will a 32 bit OS suffice?
    > I can afford either one.

    The difference between Home and Pro is mainly irrelevant to a home
    business user.

    This Wiki has a table with all the differences:
    Most of the HP/Pro/Ultimate differences are centered around Security and
    Network functionality which to most SOHO users is irrelevant.

    Unless specifically written to require these Security/Network facilities
    most software (incl Pro versions) will run just fine on Home Premium.
    i.e. HP is just as 'Powerful' as Pro/Ultimate.

    This was also true of Windows XP.
    I would be interested to know just what stopped Quickbooks Pro or
    Filemaker Pro running on your XP Home system.
    In most cases the 'Pro' version means the marketing department has got
    their hands on it and are pandering to your 'superior' needs.
    Pro doesn't mean in these cases you need the Pro version of Windows.

    As for needing SP2, Vista then Windows 7, well that's life and you are
    never going to be able to stop it.
    Software vendors will always write software for the latest OS.
    The money is in future sales, not support for stuff they've already sold.

    As for 32 vs 64 bit, unless you have a crushing need to run 32 bit
    'only' software go for 64 bit.
    Win7 / 64 has a lot of compatibility built in for older software and is
    better at it than Vista.

    Even if you do have some critical 32 bit software I would still
    recommend 64bit but getting Win7 Pro with it's free XP Mode 32bit
    virtual PC (free download)
    XP Mode can be set up run run without the XP desktop etc so the user
    thinks they are using a native Win7 application.
    In the background it is running in an XP Virtual PC and as far as it's
    concerned still on XP 32bit.

    PeeCee, Dec 8, 2010
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  2. PeeCee

    John Smith Guest

    On 12/07/2010 11:16 PM, Alexander O'Neil wrote:

    > The problems I was having was because xP didn't have some networking
    > stuff on it that the professional software required. ACT! was one that
    > gave me a lot of problems until I finally gave up on it.
    > I have tried 64 bit and love it, but there is no Adobe Flash software
    > for it yet. So many sites don't look correct, or they can not be
    > viewed at all without it.
    > I don't know any other company that makes Adobe Flash player software
    > that I could use instead of Adobs Flash.
    > I am a huge businessman in the midwest.
    > I have about 70 names and companies in my contact manager.
    > I print out information about four to six times a year.
    > I have a huge amount of person.
    > My annual total earning are through the roof! About twenty thousand
    > dollars a year.
    > So should I upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit requiring a complete
    > reinstalling of all my software?
    > Or should I upgrade to Win 7 32 bit which just requires a simple
    > upgrade from Vista ultimate 32 bit, and I won't have to reinstall the
    > dozens of programs on my computer?
    > Respectfully Yours in the software struggle.

    I'm pretty sure you can do the "anytime upgrade" without reinstalling
    the OS? I've heard it described as "unlocking features", but I narrowly
    missed (phew) giving that a try so I'm not sure.

    I also think 64 bit flash is out as well. I haven't had any issues
    with it, things look fine here.
    John Smith, Dec 8, 2010
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  3. PeeCee

    Aardvark Guest

    On Wed, 08 Dec 2010 14:03:06 -0600, Big Steel wrote:

    > On Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:26:34 -0600, Alexander O'Neil
    > <> wrote:
    >> >> Or should I upgrade to Win 7 32 bit which just requires a simple
    >> >> upgrade from Vista ultimate 32 bit, and I won't have to

    > reinstall the
    >> >> dozens of programs on my computer?

    >> I'm leaning towards the 32 bit upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. That will
    >> cause the least disruption going from Vista Ultimate 32 bit to Windows
    >> 7 ultimate 32 bit.

    >> If the computer comes with Windows 7 Home premium, and I find that

    > all
    >> of my software will run fine on it, plus I get much faster speeds, then
    >> I may just force myself to be content with that operating sistem.

    >> There is no use in paying for something that I cannot see, or feel.

    > Vista is version 6.0 and Win 7 is version 6.1 of the same core
    > components of the same O/S. If you have no need to go to 64 bits, which
    > would force you to reinstall the O/S, then go with the 32 bit upgrade. I
    > did the Vista 32 bit Ultimate upgrade from Home Premium with no
    > problems.

    When are you going to tell him that the two versions have different
    hardware requirements, DUH-ane?

    Aardvark, Dec 9, 2010
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