Re: Why are Symantec/Norton products such pieces of sh*t?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by MF, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Lots of generalizations through the thread. I am pretty sure that the
    unexpected effects of AV progs is linked to individual systems and
    what's installed on them. I've used Sophos (unpleasant, un-intuitive
    interface) AVG (couldn't stand it and don't remember why except that
    it crashed something) MacAfee for years under DOS (before NAS got it,
    when John MacAfee was one of the real heroes of the internet) and quit
    using MacAfee when it failed to detect Laroux, an old virus at the
    time. Then went to CA's Innoculan personal edition (free and
    excellent) then to CA's InnoculatePE, also free and excellent. When
    CA could no longer support free AV, I went to Symantec's Norton 2002
    and System works 2002, which I have running on 98, 2K Pro, 2K Server,
    XP Pro and Server 03 with nary a hiccup - after, that is, AFTER I turn
    off all auto loading functions (especially the email function) except
    for the basic autoscan, which checks downloads, file opens, etc.

    This is the key, to all of these progs, I think - turn off everything
    but the basic autoscan and for slower systems (anything under about
    500 MHz) turn that off too. For email protection I have been using
    that function in Zone Alarm for years, with, again, nary a hiccup and
    NO email viruses. Zone Alarm does work and it's email scanning
    function works without much slowdown - unlike Norton's, which not only
    slows down my systems, but sometimes chokes them.

    One of my students - not that great a student but a good guy and a
    hell of a job getter - has been selling Norton for a while now, to
    both small businesses and home users. And he keeps on doing it, so he
    hasn't been getting many call backs on it. One of the things I taught
    him, and then he went out and learned the hard way, was that the worst
    thing you can do when working on a customers computer is to create a
    situation where they have reason to ask for a -free- return visit.

    So, as i said, my experience indicates, and the variety of responses
    here also indicates, that problems with Norton or with MacAfee (aside,
    as always, from the first edition of the the software) depends so
    heavily on the individual system and what's installed on it that very
    few generalizations are possible.


    "techshare" <> wrote in message
    > Especially with the latest SWEN worm ...
    > In the past two years I've made more money fixing problems,

    removing, or (in
    > many cases) replacing POS Norton "anti-virus" and "Internet

    Security" with
    > competing products like Mcafee Scan. I have seen Symantec products

    cause SO
    > many different problems ... on top of that ... easy removal is

    > impossible (just take a look at RNIS - what a bunch of sh*t!). I

    refuse to
    > sell the Symantec products as I'd surely lose money big time ....

    but lately
    > it's actually getting tough to make money on removing the product or
    > (rarely) "fixing" installations. The product seems to be like a worm

    in and
    > of itself. What gives, and what's the best alternative? I've had

    good luck
    > with Mcafee for a virus scanner. After I install it, I rarely

    > callbacks with any problems.
    MF, Sep 22, 2003
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