Re: Why am I getting this error message?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by, Aug 17, 2008.

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    On 23 Jul, 04:44, "Buck" <> wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > This computer runs an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 2.66GHz with 2 GB of RAM.
    > Just now I started up MS Word 2003 and clicked on Templates but when I selected a template I get the error message,
    > "There is insufficient memory or disk space. Close extra windows and save your work."
    > What's going on, can anybody help? Only yesterday the .NET environment was installed on this computer, I wonder if that has
    > anything to do with it?
    > All assistance is greatly appreciated.
    > Cheers
    > Buck

    According to that error message,

    Check hard drive space
    Check RAM

    is either low?

    To check RAM , do ctrl-alt-delete, click Processes. click mem usage,
    so you get it sorted in ascending order. Have a look at what processes
    are using the most RAM.
    For example, I have 512MB RAM. If my system is not going smooth, I
    will often see some process using over 100MB RAM, so I "end task" it.

    To check hard disk space, you can easily do it in windows. Or in DOS,
    DIR . DIr something that exsts..

    Suppose it's a process using too much memory. . So kill and if it's
    not an important process then stop it starting up. that's the bottom

    You want to know what it is. It may be a bug of some sort. Maybe some
    process you don't want to start anyway, is using alot. So End task it,
    stop it starting up, and dont' use it.

    A memory leak is a process that is chewing up RAM. You didn't write
    the program, so don't worry about "why". You just deal with it.

    techie note- you can use commands, tasklist and taskkill, though I
    tend to use task manager..

    A side point, you can add up the total memory being used..
    c:\blah>tasklist >a (where a is not a directory)
    c:\blah>winword a (this works maybe 'cos winword.exe is in the PATH)
    use an old feature of Ms Word, to select square blocks, hold ALT and
    select all the memory usage numbers. You can then cut and paste a list
    of numbers.
    From Ms Word, you could remove all "," and all "white space". But
    it's good to remove all , and white space, and leave a list like
    then replace every K with a +, and paste the list into calc!
    So you can add up a list of numbers in calc.exe , and press ENTER

    A nice side point about calc, and ms word, but for this, best thing is
    to just see the processes using the most memory, like >
    50,000KB(50,000KB is approximately 50MB). Task Manager would say
    50,000K , it means KB. (as oppose to Kilobits, Kb)

    Also, more importantly, Process Explorer may be able to identify
    memory leaks, somehow.. It was briefly mentioned as an aside not
    relevant to malware cleaning, in a video made by its author on
    advanced malware cleaning.
    , Aug 17, 2008
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