Re: What's making my 3.5" floppydrive rattle?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Billh, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Billh

    Billh Guest

    Look at your Recent folder the one that has links to the last few files you
    have worked on. Some times if you say worked on a Word Doc from a floppy
    there will be a link to it in this folder and Windows might be checking if
    it is still there. Also I know Anti Virus software like Norton's check the
    a drive when you shut down the computer maybe it has started checking more
    often because of some new setting you made. I seam to remember when I got
    Windows XP I was looking in the Find function and saw a check box for
    indexing or something like that and for faster searches I checked it and
    after that the floppy and hard drive where getting hit all the time so I
    turned it off. Maybe the cable or power connector to the drive is loose.
    And if you are worried about the DSL modem take it off and see if it still
    does it. Other general maintenance tasks like updating windows cleaning
    temp files doing a virus scan checking your system with SpyBot or Adaware
    scandisk and defrag might turn up something or if nothing else make your
    computer run a little better.

    Hope one of these idea's help.

    "Jeff Wisnia" <> wrote in message
    > For the past few days my WIN98 computer's (empty) 3.5" floppy drive has
    > rattled for several seconds like some program is trying to access a disk
    > in it. This occurs about once every half hour, when I'm not using the
    > computer and I don't have any user programs open, just a screen saver
    > and whatever else is running in the background, and I do have a DSL
    > connection open.
    > This started happening "all by itself" and has me puzzled. I've never
    > had any of the other computers I use act like this, and it can't be
    > doing the floppy drive any good.
    > What should I look for to locate what's making this happen and stop it.
    > Thanks guys,
    > Jeff
    > --
    > Jeff Wisnia (W1BSV + Brass Rat '57 EE)
    > "I before E except after C"....(The height of insufficient weird ancient
    > science...)
    Billh, Jul 25, 2003
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