Re: What is the difference between Windows 98 and 98SE?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Barry Watzman, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. In terms of the hard drives, I don't see where 98 vs 98SE would matter.
    However, it does matter for many other devices.

    Although externally 98 and 98SE appear similar (deceptively similar),
    intenally they are actually VERY different. In particular, 98SE
    supports WDM model drivers, 98 (1st Ed) does not. So if you are trying
    to use a peripheral for which only WDM drivers are available (for
    example, some of the ATI All-in-Wonder video cards), they will work with
    98SE but you are out of luck with 98 1st edition.

    SOME of the other differences between 98 and 98SE can be fixed with
    online upgrades and patches available via "Windows Update", but you
    cannot convert 98 to 98SE, they really are different operating systems,
    and more and more there are devices that truly require 98SE and that
    won't work with 1st Edition. However, I don't see why that would be an
    issue for an IDE internal disk drive, especially one below 137 gigs.

    As for the DVD burner, again, it gets back not so much to the burner as
    to the drivers that are required for the burner. If they are WDM
    drivers (WDM = Windows Driver Model), then you are out of luck with 98
    1st Ed.

    obsessed tech wrote:

    > I want to get the "Maxtor 120GB L01P120 Ultra Series 8MB Buffer"
    > but this drive's system requirements state that a Windows 98 SE system
    > is needed. I have two questions I need answered:
    > What if I have a Windows 98 "first edition" with all patches applied,
    > will this hard drive work?
    > For that matter will the Maxtor 120 GB 5000DV external one touch drive
    > work on my Windows 98 "first edition"?
    > And what about the Sony DRU-510A?
    Barry Watzman, Sep 15, 2003
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