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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Gordon Henderson, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. In article <bMTcn.98186$2>,
    Stephen Hammond <Stephen.:)> wrote:

    >£5.99 per month package. Specifically asked the sales person if after
    >successfully testing it, I could install in such a way alll my sockets
    >around the house would go through vonage, was told yes no problem - I could
    >wire the vonage router to nearby socket in such a way this would work... we
    >even discussed if this needed to be the master socket and I was told no.
    >Got it, tried it , with just one phone plugged in to Vonage adaptor and then
    >to my router, and I like it. So I called them and said "now to go to next
    >step, connect to my socket so all the sockets work on vonage throughout the
    >Was told this isn't possible, only works in North America

    One reason it might not work is the boxes ability to drive more than
    one phones ringer... However with modern phones, I suspect it'll work
    if the internal wiring is sound.

    I'd get a new master socket, wire the vonage box into the back of it,
    (You may need to canibalise a cable to do this) then move the house
    extension wiring from the VM master socket to your new Master socket
    and see what happens ...

    And if VM are now using the same type of split sockets BT are using, and
    your house wiring is correctly wired to the front (removable) faceplate,
    then it might be as easy as simply lifting the faceplate from the VM
    master and plugging into your new Master.

    But to start with, you could just get a 2 or 3 way adapter and plug in
    a few phones to the vonage box to see if it'll make them all ring before
    drilling holes...

    >Wow, what a load of nonsense. I could of course purchase a DECT phone with 5
    >handsets, but my experience is (we are a large family) that people nevr put
    >them back on their chargers, however many you have, and you really need at
    >least one wired phone on each floor, otherwise phone rings, and you run
    >around trying to find a handset!
    >So, basically I was mis-sold it, I am in a free trial period so no problem I
    >can cancel.

    I suspect they simply don't know or understand what you're getting at.

    >but I like it, I like what it does, and like the potential for saving £30
    >per month over virgin, and it can be done in USA, can it be done with a bit
    >of know how here?
    >anyone any experience with that?

    I've hard-wired ATAs into a wall socket in the past - the wiring side of
    it is really a uk.telecom question ;-) It's just a matter of whether the
    Vonage ATA can drive more than one phone. Google the make/model and see
    what the maker say - see what REN it can drive (if they state it) BT/VM
    usually can drive a total REN of 4...

    DO make sure you never plug the ATA into the VM wall socket though -
    yo might get away with it, but they're both supplying 50 volts or so ...

    Can Vonage port numbers in? If you're still happy with them and they can,
    you could probably save some line rental too... But I don't know what
    the options then are for migrating out if you want/need to...

    Gordon Henderson, Feb 11, 2010
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