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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Graham., Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    On Mon, 31 Dec 2012 13:26:33 -0000, "Stephen Hammond"
    <> wrote:

    >Is there a way of running two copies of voipconnect software at the same
    >time. I'm using and they have higher rates if you use sip based

    The provided softphone will, of course, use the SIP protocol too,
    despite the implication to the contrary.

    I've taken a look at
    The business model is different to the other usual Betamax suspects,
    as they don't have any concept of included minutes (Freedays)
    although calls to Canada are 0p/min

    Instead, as you say, they have two tariffs
    the first:
    for use with the geographic dial-through numbers and their softphone
    0.5p/min to call a UK mobile, very nice:)

    and the second

    for use with BYOD, and also those destinations marked "superdeal" the
    unspecified FUP is exceeded. I assume these so-called SIP rates are
    the "default rates" mentioned in the footnote on the tariff page.
    3.8p/min to call a UK mobile, not so nice:-(

    To answer your specific question, it has always been the case that the
    logging on a second instance of the Betamax softphone with the same
    account will cause the first one to go off line. Generic soft phones
    like x-Lite don't do that, but I see your dilemma in this matter.

    One other thing. As you say, the softphone you download from has been branded "VoipConnect" and is universal an as much
    that it can be used with other Betamax/Dellmont Sarl brands, such as Up till now, the softphone was specific to it's own
    particular clone.

    Now, here is my question to you.
    If I forward all calls directed to to a UK
    mobile number using the call forwarding feature within options - call
    settings in VoipConnect,
    will the call be charged according to
    or ?

    There is some help text that says
    (!)each forwarded call to a standard phone number will be charged
    VoipConnect credit at <normal rates>. Forwarded calls to other
    usernames are free.
    <click here> to learn more about call forwarding.

    The words in angle brackets are hyperlinks but unhelpfully they just
    take you to the VoipConnect download page.

    I have the above forwarding scinario currently running on for about 3p/min so 0.5p/min would be a no-brainer,
    but I suspect we will discover that
    SIP rates
    Default rates
    and Normal rates
    all mean the same thing. The Higher rate.

    Graham., Jan 1, 2013
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  2. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    >Now, here is my question to you.
    >If I forward all calls directed to to a UK
    >mobile number using the call forwarding feature within options - call
    >settings in VoipConnect,


    >I can't get the voipconnect phone to ring by using sip.

    Here is the way I use to get incoming calls, and get 10 consecutive
    local numbers into the bargain.

    Sign up with
    and get your free DDIs
    Edit the route of one of the numbers to read


    Now anyone dialling the ddi will ring your dialnow device, including
    your voipconnect software.

    If you do set this up, I would be grateful if you would divert all
    calls immediately to a mobile and make a call, then tell me if the
    diverted leg was charged at the lower or higher rate.

    Graham., Jan 5, 2013
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