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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by TheFug, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. TheFug

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    Spence schreef:
    > One of my wife's work colleagues recently retired to Spain. Just looked
    > at our last 2 months phone charges and decided £20/month on calls to
    > Spain is a bit OTT, and perhaps now would be a good time to go VoIP, so
    > before I do I hope someone here can help out with a few questions.
    > I understand the basics of VoIP, but my first question is about phones
    > and connections. I don't want a USB connected phone, but would rather
    > connect it directly to my LAN. Seen a number of phones on eBay (after
    > excluding the majority of the USB connected ones) from the likes of
    > Avaya and Cisco. In general, will these work on a plain network
    > connection or would they be likely to need some sort of PBX/Comms
    > software on the server?
    > In terms of making calls, I assume that the charges are the cost of
    > transferring the call from the internet to the PSTN. If the callee is
    > also an IP phone, does the call still get charged? Does it depend on
    > who the VoIP supplier is?
    > Thanks, think that's it for the moment.

    You can also connect a so called ATA, it's a box, which alows you, to
    connect your existing phone(s) or Dect base station,to your LAN or buy a
    c450IP (siemens) and you can use also your existing Dect handsets.

    An IP phone needs an extra cat5 cable to your router, or if the IP phone
    has WAN & LAN you can put it between your PC and de LAN cable of the
    router, but if you reset, or switch off the IP Phone, you have no
    internet on that pc, in most cases.

    Bedankt, Thanks,

    The Fug.

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    TheFug, Sep 21, 2008
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