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    On Fri, 01 Apr 2005 13:36:10 -0600, Safe System Solutions
    <> wrote:

    >*** READ THIS NOW ***
    >W32.MJPervert@mm, (also known as the Michael Jackson Virus) is a
    >mass-mailing worm that uses its own multiplier engine to spread. The
    >virus may be in any language. The email has a variable subject and
    >attachment name. The attachment has a .mp3 file extension, and can be
    >found in any MP3 music file, but is particularly susceptible, but not
    >limited to infecting Michael Jackson music files. It has also been
    >reported that as soon as you see the name "Michael Jackson" anywhere
    >on your computer screen, you have become infected. Because of this,
    >it is suspected that this virus is also capable of spreading through
    >email messages, text files, and other software.
    >Note: Virus definitions version 190328 (extended version 4/01/2005) or
    >greater are required to detect this threat.
    >Also Known As: Michael Jackson, Perverted, Michael Jackson Pervert,
    >Music-Worm.Win32.Pervert, Naked@MM, W32/MJP, Firebomb32 and
    >Type: Worm
    >Infection Length: N/A (depends on music file)
    >Systems Affected: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows
    >Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP
    >April 1, 2005
    >Protection: Online Scan (Follow the links below)
    >Threat assessment - Wild
    > * Number of infections: 500,000 - 999,000
    > * Number of sites: More than 250,000
    > * Geographical distribution: Very High
    > * Threat containment: Difficult
    > * Removal: Extremely Difficult
    >This is the worst computer virus ever created. Besides entirely
    >destroying your computer, it is capable of starting devastating fires.
    >As soon as the virus gets into a computer, it begins spiraling the
    >files on your hard drive, completely destroying all FAT tables. The
    >faster it operates, the hotter your CPU gets. As files are being
    >shuffled and deleted, the CPU eventually reaches the satutation point
    >at which time it begins to overload the circuitry. Because of drivers
    >contained within the virus accelerator, the CPU actually begins to
    >work overtime and in the process, excessive heat is generated. Within
    >minutes, the CPU becomes so hot that it melts thru the mother board.
    >At this point the CPU will literally explode or burst into flames.
    >The plastics and wiring contained inside the computer case then ignite
    >and flames are expelled out the rear of the computer case, often
    >acting in a manner similar to a blow torch as the flames are forced
    >out of the computer by the fan inside of the computer's power supply.
    >This ignites flammable furnishings surrounding the computer, and
    >starts a major fire in your home or office. There have already been
    >numerous major fires caused by this virus and at least twenty deaths
    >have occurred within the past two days.
    >You must immediately go to the website, (below) and carefully follow
    >the instructions on that page. Do not hesitate. Please visit that
    >site immediately. Your life and home are in severe danger.
    , Apr 1, 2005
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