Re: Usenet abuse (addressed to Usenet admins)

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tony, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    Re: I give raison d'être to Usenet, the language that is used by some of those
    people is unacceptable

    These FROGs are trying their best to ruin usenet for all of the English race.
    These FROGs need to be turfed off of usenet indefinitely, that or start their own
    FROG usenet where only the pond scum participate.

    philo wrote:

    > ole wrote:
    > > Even though Usenet is in public domain and I am a strictly private person, I
    > > feel that I give raison d'être to Usenet, not vice versa. However, I am
    > > having a pretty rough spin lately on the Usenet, because of which I shall
    > > lodge a complaint; not that it will make any significant difference to me,
    > > and I already have the other idea in mind to change that (I am learning all
    > > the same), but just to stop some smartarses there in abusing their
    > > positions: they are there to help people, not to argue with them; even if
    > > people express their views, they are there paid to help people and not push
    > > their dime into the same slot. It is our Usenet, not theirs. They are there
    > > to serve people, not to be served by people. They have to be grateful to
    > > people, for if people were not ignorant, their services were not needed.
    > > But, instead of helping, some of those "helpers" are ambushing people. On
    > > the top of everything, the language that is used by some of those people is
    > > unacceptable; Usenet IS NOT an adult site, even some adult sites use more
    > > polite tongue.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > I am getting viruses from the same ISP address (, and MBAM
    > > blocks them, but some adware tracing cookies always find their way further;
    > > so, I do nothing but cleaning my computer all this time. And because I need
    > > advice, I need the Usenet to get it, since I am not so good in asking it
    > > from Google. There are many outsiders, like myself, whom I do not mind if
    > > they express their "importance", but those who are paid to be there to help,
    > > they should do their job conscientiously AND HUMBLY, without a slightest
    > > squeak; especially in this economic squeeze that we experience these days. I
    > > thought that all this trouble that I am experiencing is due to Microsoft
    > > protectionist policy; however, now I can feel that the breeze is blowing
    > > from direction of Usenet. Therefore, I demand that person, operating the
    > > mentioned computer, be located and promptly sacked. Of course, it is to
    > > expect that the decision is hard to implement, but, as you can see, I am a
    > > hard man with the hard demands and can tell you, if I were in power, that
    > > would be end of the road for many of you cushion-polishers.
    > >
    > > Bruno HRUST.

    > First off...yep...there are a number of malicious people out there...
    > they are not going to go you might as well put them in your
    > kill-file.
    > However ...most of the "not technically correct" replies are simply made
    > by a bunch of old chaps like myself just kidding around a bit...and no
    > harm is intended.
    > Heck...on one of the other groups some guy posted a link to show you how
    > you can "download more RAM" An obvious harmless joke

    The Grandmaster of the CyberFROG

    Come get your ticket to CyberFROG city

    Nay, Art thou decideth playeth ye simpleton games. *Some* of us know proper

    Very few. I used to take calls from *rank* noobs but got fired the first day on
    the job for potty mouth,

    Hamster isn't a newsreader it's a mistake!

    El-Gonzo Jackson FROGS both me and Chuckcar

    Master Juba was a black man imitating a white man imitating a black man

    Using my technical prowess and computer abilities to answer questions beyond the
    realm of understandability

    Regards Tony... Making usenet better for everyone everyday
    Tony, Jan 17, 2010
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