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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Rom, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Rom

    Rom Guest

    On Sun, 28 Jun 2009 08:45:07 +0100, Tony Raven wrote:

    > I finally got round to upgrading to FF3 yesterday and all seems to be OK
    > except that it seems to have found an old set of profiles to upgrade
    > from.

    As you're using a Windows newsreader and Fx3 I'll assume you're using
    Win2k/XP/Vista and the default location for Fx profiles, see:
    How many Firefox profile folders are there when using:
    (You can also find them using Windows Explorer when hidden files and
    folders are showing (the setting is in Folder Options on the View tab)

    Check the shortcut Properties you're using to start Fx, as the
    "Target:" can be used to start a specific profile, see
    For example:
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p "profilename" -no-remote
    instead of
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
    or another profile.

    Also see: <>
    And check the Fx profiles in the profile location are the same as
    showing in the Profile Manager when using:
    firefox.exe -ProfileManager

    If the Profile Manager has more than one Fx profile showing, but
    another profile is selected and the "Don't ask at startup" box is
    checked, then select another profile to start and UNcheck the "Don't
    ask at startup" box to see if that is the correct and up-to-date
    profile you want to use. Other profiles should be upgraded~converted
    to Fx3 on starting them.

    The Profile Manager can also be used to create new profiles, add
    existing profiles not showing (use the profile name and browse to the
    profile), and also delete profiles (keeping or deleting profile
    files). Do not delete profile files directly in Windows Explorer if
    the profile hasn't been deleted from Profile Manager, as then the
    profiles.ini file would need manual editing.

    > The result is that, in particular, the bookmarks, bookmark
    > toolbar and passwords are not up to date. Before doing the upgrade I
    > copied all the FF2 stuff so I can still return to that if I need. I know
    > that FF3 keeps its data in a different way/place to FF2 but not familiar
    > with the details. Is there an easy way to import the old (newer)
    > bookmark and passwork files into FF3?

    If the above doesn't sort it out, and I think it would be a good idea
    to sort out any multiple profile issues, then there's at least two
    other kind of easy ways to sort out bookmarks and passwords, taking
    into account the different files/formats between Fx2 and 3.

    The first one is to locate the profile being used now, and with Fx
    closed delete the entire contents of the xxxxxxxx.<profile_name>
    folder, then copy the all the wanted Fx2 profile contents from your
    backup into that profile folder. Start Fx, and the profile should be
    upgraded~converted to Fx3.

    The second one, also needs the profile located and Fx closed.
    For passwords, delete these current files in the Fx3 profile:
    Then from your Fx2 backup copy these files into the Fx3 profile:
    When Fx is next started the Fx2 passwords should be converted.


    For bookmarks, with profile located and Fx closed, delete these files:
    places.sqlite-journal (if exists)
    All all bookmarks-(date).json/html files from bookmarkbackups folder.
    Then copy your current up-to-date bookmarks.html file into the
    profile. When Fx is started the Fx2 bookmarks.html should be

    Step 4 is necessary for this method.

    | You can also restore your bookmarks by exiting Firefox and removing
    | the places.sqlite file from the Firefox profile folder. Firefox
    | will rebuild the Places database from the latest automatic JSON
    | backup or, if no JSON file is found, from a bookmarks.html file, as
    | detailed here; however, you will lose your browsing history.

    Rom, Jun 29, 2009
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