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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by cizzo, May 29, 2009.

  1. cizzo

    cizzo Guest

    On May 29, 6:14 am, "Tanel Kagan" <tanelkagan@
    (nospamatall)> wrote:
    > Dear group,
    > I did post this over at but that group doesn't appear
    > to be very active.
    > Basically, I'm currently using the following system:
    > Processor:
    > 2.40GHz Intel Celeron, 8Kb primary memory cache, 128 kilobyte secondary
    > memory cache
    > Motherboard:
    > BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. P1.60 06/10/2004, Board: P4i65GV 1.0, Bus
    > Clock: 100 megahertz
    > Memory:
    > 736 Mb RAM
    > Hard Drive:
    > MAXTOR STM380215A 80Gb, two partitions.
    > You can probably tell that this is not a high-end or new machine.  I've had
    > it for a few years now and it's my general office workhorse.  I tend to run
    > several applications at once, eg Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Acrobat,
    > Firefox, Outlook (and Windows Live Mail) and a few others running in the
    > background.  Because time is precious it's not an efficient way of working
    > for me to keep closing and restarting programs, rather I need to keep them
    > open and switch in and out as necessary.
    > I am looking to upgrade the system so that (obviously) the machine runs
    > quicker generally.  But more important than pure speed I sometimes get
    > system hangs when loading large files (some PDFs for example) and if the
    > machine doesn't lock up completely it can take a few minutes to "catch up".
    > Again, when running anything quite graphic intensive it can slow right down.
    > Web surfing is ok but again, the input (keyboard/mouse) can be a bit
    > unresponsive and stutter with some pages.  By the way I'm using an onboard
    > Intel 82865G Graphics Controller rather than a dedicated card.
    > My friend suggested a SATA II drive, but I'm leaning towards more RAM and
    > maybe a dedicated graphics card, perhaps even a new processor.
    > Does anyone have any advice?  Does my system have an obvious "bottleneck",
    > or "weak link"?  I am inclined to believe that a faster drive would benefit
    > more in terms of overall data transfer (which might be usual for the daily
    > backups, although they happen during "downtime" anyway), but that more RAM
    > and a faster processor would help me more in terms of switching in and out
    > of applications and loading files.
    > Can anyone advise whether my motherboard would support a faster processor?
    > Would a separate graphics card be worth it?
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Tanel.

    Have you tried simple maintenance? Clear out temporary files and do
    disk defrag and see if that helps
    As stated a new computer would be great but if you are low on $ try
    adding more RAM, at least another gig and you will see improvement.
    cizzo, May 29, 2009
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