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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Baron Maximillian von Schtuldeworfshiseundurheimh, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. RDButler wrote:
    > Release 2
    > From: Collective First Contact Project- DOMA Special Actions Group
    > Location: Theophilus Crater Region
    > Distribution - Earth Internet, Immediate
    > Subject: Additional clarification of visual verification targets and
    > purpose for message release.
    > Lunar target clarification:
    > Target 1 is the current location of collective subsurface Military
    > Intelligence facilities. If you will monitor the area with video and
    > photographic equipment you will detect surface activities and other
    > physical evidence.
    > Target 2 is the recommended location for a joint US/Russia facility.
    > The area is geologically stable and very suitable for subsurface
    > construction. It is within a reasonable distance to the southern Polar
    > Regions where water is being accumulated for use at this facility. As
    > an added note the verification of water being stockpiled for your use
    > at the southern polar region should in itself be considered part of
    > the verification process. This water will provide you with the means
    > for generating power as well as other life support related functions.
    > Consider it as a gift from the Collective and a sign of their good
    > will and intentions. A discussion on how this water was brought to the
    > moon should provide you with some very lively discussion material.
    > In regards to the visual verifications planned for the 5 selected
    > first contact countries I realize that some may find this a bit hard
    > to believe, that is understandable. This is the very purpose of these
    > message releases, to provide you with visual verification. The craft
    > utilized in these operations will be triangular in shape and of such
    > size as to preclude their origins from any earth based government.
    > They will be black/gray in color with three white colored lights on
    > each triangle tip. A single red colored light will be in the center of
    > the vehicle. The locations for these sightings within each country is
    > still being determined. The Collective will try to include further
    > verification relevance in the selection of these locations. The
    > timetable for these operations has begun and will last over a duration
    > of approximately 1 year. There will be suitable time placed between
    > each mission so that the chance of overall panic or fear is reduced.
    > We don't want people to start thinking they are being invaded do we
    > now? Note, other sightings will take place at increasing intervals
    > with other Collective vessels. These are intended to further educate
    > the masses as to the Collectives presence but are in addition to the
    > above mentioned verification vessels.
    > Approximately 10 years ago Phase 1 of this first contact initiative
    > began. There was a release on the internet of a large volume of
    > historical data showing the interaction of the Collective with mankind
    > before and through out recorded history. The information was very
    > extensive and touched on many sensitive topics such as politics,
    > religion etc. The Collective established a 10 year pause in the
    > release of further information or first contact operations in order to
    > allow the information to be studied and distributed to as large a
    > target audience as possible. The ten year period was put in place to
    > reduce the risk of culture shock and allow suitable time for
    > acceptance. The 10 year waiting period is now over.
    > Phase 2 will entail further release of educational materials of a much
    > more specific and detailed nature covering a time period of 1908 to
    > present. Were as the information in Phase 1 was of a general nature
    > and spanned a time period over 50,000 years, phase 2 will be much more
    > focused and very detailed. It will deal primarily with two major topic
    > areas.
    > Topic 1: Delphin Hybrid Project - This is what you have come to call
    > the "Grays" and their biological studies and experiments with earth
    > humans. The purpose of these operations will be fully explained. Note
    > that the word "Delphin" should now be used instead of the term "Gray"
    > or "Hybrid". The Delphin are genetically altered cetacean based life
    > forms removed from the earth and who now live in the Collective.
    > Topic 2: Gemini Conflict - The Delphin Hybrid Project is related in a
    > direct manner to a conflict which arose in the Gemini Sector between a
    > combined Delphin/Collective exploration and colonization mission and
    > an enemy of unbelievable hostility. While most of the conflict took
    > place in the Gemini Sector, the conflict did come to the earth solar
    > system and resulted in what is called the Tunguska explosion. This
    > conflict and the resultant earth side events will be fully explained.
    > In addition to the above mentioned visual verification operations and
    > educational release there will also begin a technology exchange
    > program. The Collective will release technology which will enable you
    > to build heavy lift vehicles suitable for trans-atmospheric and
    > limited intra-stellar trafficking and exploration. This technology
    > exchange is need for you to complete your side of the first contact
    > operations and will allow you to build high earth orbit based
    > facilities as well as the initial lunar site mentioned above.
    > This is just a brief overview of some of the key objectives for Phase
    > 2 operations. Let's not put the cart in front of the horse as they
    > say. Let's take things nice and slow so that we don't panic anyone or
    > risk significant culture shock. The visual verification operation will
    > allow you to verify the source integrity of these releases. Once that
    > is accomplished we can move on from there. Web sites are now being
    > designed which will make available all project data and requirement
    > for further contact.
    > So, keep your cameras running and let your fellow citizens know of
    > what you see.
    > In closing, I'd like to try an answer a question I am sure many of you
    > have, "Why would the Collective make contact in this manner"?
    > It would be easy enough for them to put a giant glowing smiley face on
    > the moon for everyone to see but the ramifications of this type of non
    > controlled release of information and first contact would be
    > undesirable for all parties. Instead the Collective has chosen to
    > contact three selected groups of people who would have a natural
    > interest in such events. These groups are the Military/Intelligence
    > groups, The UFO study groups and The Astronomy groups. All three of
    > these groups have an interest in extraterrestrial phenomena. It is a
    > very controlled and non intrusive means of contacting interested
    > parties.
    > Why don't they just land at the White House, Kremlin and Beijing and
    > get it over with?
    > Because of the very real threat of causing wide spread panic and
    > cultural shock to the mass population. In essence what the Collective
    > has chosen as the most reasonable course of action is to give you the
    > means for you to come to them. They have no need or desire to interact
    > with the earth's population at this time. They would like to have
    > interaction with those who have a expressed a desire to do so but it
    > will be on the Collectives terms and conditions. Contact is something
    > that many people of this planet have been screaming for and the
    > Collective has every intention of allowing that contact now.
    > Think of this as an invitation to those members of Earth's society who
    > have shown and interest and who are deemed ready for such a momentous
    > event as to be allowed to see how the rest of the human race exists in
    > this galaxy. Earth is only one of many human based societies and in
    > fact is the most primitive in the Collective. This of course will
    > change as you begin to interact with the Collective more and
    > technology is made available to you. Please understand that this will
    > not occur over night and that you must be patient. The rewards for
    > that patience will be beyond your wildest dreams of that you can be
    > assured.
    > So like it or not, this is the way that first contact will proceed. It
    > is important that you realize that the initial direct contact with the
    > Collective will only take place at the Lunar facility mentioned above
    > and at first only between US/Russian military forces and Collective
    > military forces. Please do not misinterpret the selection of these two
    > countries
    > military forces as in any way a threat to earths current power
    > authorities. The Collective would like to acknowledge China's recent
    > success at manned space flight. China figures very prominently in
    > future earth and Collective operations that will benefit all mankind.
    > As formal relations are established additional earth populations will
    > be invited to participate. For now the Collective has chosen to limit
    > this to the 5 selected countries.
    > This solar system is under restricted control by Collective military
    > forces. This is to protect the earth's population from uncontrolled
    > contact and prevent catastrophic cultural damage. As such certain
    > areas are off limits to both non authorized Collective forces and
    > earth based authorities. Several earth based spaced probes have been
    > intercepted by the Collective in order to enforce these restrictions.
    > It must be clear that any "manned" missions into this solar system is
    > restricted and only advised if in accordance with first contact
    > operations. Unmanned probes are permitted except in certain sensitive
    > Collective
    > controlled areas. What are these areas? Mars for one, the asteroid
    > belt for another. This does not mean that you cannot send probes to
    > these areas but realize that they will be monitored by the Collective
    > and rendered inoperative at its discretion. Please be patient with
    > these restrictions which are necessary for now. In a very short time
    > you will have full and unrestricted access to the entire solar system.
    > You will colonize the Moon and terra-form form Mars with the
    > Collectives help. You must walk before you run.
    > Once you have mastered the heavy lift technologies given to you then
    > you may begin large scale colonization of the surrounding space, Moon
    > and Mars. It is at these non earth facilities that all interaction
    > between the Collective and earth society will take place for now.
    > Thank you for your time in reading this message and your help with the
    > visual verification portion of this operation. Don't forget to report
    > these verifications to the web site provided in Release 1.
    > A review of Phase 1 educational releases can be found at the following
    > site.
    > These materials were released beginning 10 years ago as part of the
    > educational process.
    > Please review these articles so that current events may be placed in
    > proper context.

    Baron Maximillian von Schtuldeworfshiseundurheimh, Oct 16, 2003
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  2. Andi

    Andi Guest

    IP noted response in progress
    Andi, Oct 17, 2003
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