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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by PeeCee, Nov 6, 2010.

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    "Brian Christiansen" wrote in message

    I am helping a gentleman to connect to the internet by dial up. The
    computer is probably at least 10 years old, and was upgraded probably from
    windows 98. I looked in add/remove programs and the option to remove
    windows is still there, and I strongly suspect it originally had windows 98.
    Who knows, perhaps it even had windows 95 at one point. It was there in
    2004 when he took over as pastor for the church that I am sorta helping out,
    and it was already upgraded then, so he really does not know much about what
    happened or when it really started.

    The computer is an HP pavillion 4533, and the processor is 454 mhz, and it
    has 64M of memory, and XP runs very slowly, in fact, I am kinda surprised it
    runs at all. The modem card that is in the computer is a combination
    modem/sound card.

    In the device manager, there is an item called "simple PCI communications
    controller", which indicates to me that there is not an XP compatible driver
    for it, at least not on the computer. My first idea was to find and load an
    XP compatible driver for the device.

    I took the actual card out of the computer and copied down all the numbers
    on it, but I have not found anything based on the numbers that were on the

    One site said that on the "details" tab of the "simple PCI communications
    controller" properties in device manager, I would find a string that has a
    code for the manufacturer and model number. There was no details tab in the
    properties of this device.

    I also found a site that said i could look it up by the FCC id#. I actually
    took the card out of the computer and looked at it. There was no "FCC id#"
    to be found anywhere on it. There was an FCC registration number on it - so
    I tried that, but it did not work.

    There was a model number on it, but nothing indicating who the manufacturer
    was (neither a name nor a code that I could find).

    I also looked on the HP page and entered the model # of the computer to see
    if there were any drivers offered through there, and I got to the following
    page: , which is, I suppose the "driver" dowloads
    page for HP. There appears to be a link to drivers for a combination card,
    but that leads to a page that simply says: "
    Index of (if
    the type size is weird it is because I am cutting and pasting)


    The best advice is to forget that HP 4533.
    While a perfectly fine computer in it's day, it simply no longer a viable PC
    The effort involved in trying to either upgrade the hardware, revert to W9x
    or even an alternative Operating Systems is just too expensive in either
    time, money not to mention the frustration factor.
    (I doubt you will find any drivers other than the original 9x ones for that
    sound card / modem for example)

    Put the word out amongst the parishioners, one of them is bound to have a
    much better machine they are willing to donate.
    Alternatively check out the online auctions, there are a whole heap of
    reasonably priced ex corporate XP PC's available at the moment .

    PeeCee, Nov 6, 2010
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