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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by NM5K, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. NM5K

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    On 9/25/2012 6:52 PM, Eric Stevens wrote:
    > Just to take people's minds off the melee in the middle of the floor:
    > This may well be the most amazing site. There must be 100,000
    > aircraft flying in the world right now. Here is a map with every
    > aircraft shown; where it is, where it's from and where it's going, its
    > speed and height and every detail about it. Then as if that is not
    > enough, you can click on "cockpit view" and see what the pilot can
    > see. It is incredible to say the least, right up to the time it
    > touches down, even see the various airport buildings as it is about to
    > touch down. Thousands of them, just click on the aircraft to see all
    > the details.

    They recently improved that site, which made it worth using for me..
    Until recently, they only used the user inputted data.
    But now, they also use that, plus the FAA delayed data.
    Before they did that, the skies would look pretty slim vs what was
    really out there. Say compared to Flightaware, which uses the FAA data.
    For some things, I still prefer Flightaware, but radar24 is greatly
    improved now, from what it was a while back. And the sim feature is
    kind of interesting even with the sort of grainy looking images.
    One reason I use Flightware alot is I use real world routes when
    running my flight sim, and I can copy the planned routes off
    I then make a custom "flight" for the ATC at
    That way, I can load the exact route into the FMC, and what
    the ATC expects will match what I load.. If I don't do that, ATC
    will have a hissy fit, and try to re-route me according to it's
    whims.. :|
    I've been running mostly the 737NG series lately, using the PMDG
    Have the 600,700,800,and 900.. No 900ER though..

    I use a 600 as my private BBJ.. Just repainted it recently.. :)
    Doing the "bowl" at Toncontin with the new version paint..
    Also added wifi when I did the paint job.. :/

    I also run a lot of Southwest routes, and have both the 700 and 800
    for those.
    In fact, I made a sim version of an exact plane I took pictures of
    at Hobby.. N8306H, which is the sixth 800 they received last spring.

    A quicky run around the block in the sim version of N8306H I cooked up..
    NM5K, Sep 26, 2012
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