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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by S. O'Brien, Sep 4, 2003.

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    gee you know... I went back over that post and guess what I found?? VALID
    advice!!! If you want your "son" to have a piece of paper that is
    absolutely useless to him, then he is on the right track. However, if you
    want this boy to have a viable education, then dont be cheap and buy him the
    operating system and tell him to play with it... USE the product! A lot of
    the questions asked on these exams are not in the books... they have to be
    learned by osmosis... USING the product!!! Your "son" was told this by a
    couple of individuals yet you chose to ignore it? Then you have no one to
    blame but yourself. If you took the time to read through a lot of the posts
    here, you will see that this point is stressed numerous times over the
    years! Even Microsoft states this fact! And if you took the advice of
    these 2 individuals and applied this so called "abuse" to the whole group,
    then you are nothing but a pompous jackass. There are some VERY valid
    points in there...
    I personally did not abuse your "son" but neither did others. The only
    thing I stated was that McD's is a possible job prospect due to the economy.
    If that is abuse, then you are in for a rude shock or you have been hiding
    under your bed for the last 20 years or so.
    So I will restate what I and others have said to your "son"... LEARN THE
    PRODUCT!!!! Once that is done, READ THE TEXT BOOKS... more than one if
    possible... get some practice tests from or Sure it sounds expensive but you need to spend money to
    pass these exams to make money... that's just a simple fact that no one can
    ignore. I have spent thousands of dollars to achieve my certifications
    (MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CNA, A+ with MCSE/MCSA 2k3 and CCNP upcoming). If you
    STILL have a problem with these facts, then you need to find your "son"
    another career choice... and if "he" is indeed 16, then perhaps he is just
    not mature enough to face these exams. That is not an insult but a simple
    fact of life... some kids just are not ready to face this industry or the
    requirements to get him into them.
    Another alternative is to enroll him in a local college after he graduates
    from high school where hands on experience is part of the corriculum as well
    as the theory required to pass the exams. Look around... the answers are
    there for you.

    Sue MCNGP #69
    The MCNGP Team - We're here to help

    "does it matter" <whatsth@point> wrote in message
    > my nephew he is only sixteen and has been studying for
    > thease exams and wanted some help, maybe you read his
    > request "trying" all he got was a load of abuse from so
    > called professionals, so he didn't put it the best way,
    > but he is only a kid. For goodness sake get off your high
    > horses and help some one. I thought that this was the idea
    > of the group, or have i got it wrong! an exclusive club
    > run by well look at yourselves.
    S. O'Brien, Sep 4, 2003
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