Re: Task Manager wont close MozillaFF

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by thanatoid, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. thanatoid

    thanatoid Guest

    "Mike" <> wrote in

    > Can someone tell me how to get task manager to close
    > MozillaFireFox? MozillaFF keeps locking up and Task Manager
    > will only close on or two of them showing as running in the
    > window, but not the last one. Why is Mozilla showing as
    > running as many as 4 times in Task Manager? Since Mozilla
    > isn't open on the desktop I can't close it that way.
    > Thanks.........

    Get a real task manager like the one from

    It used to be freeware minus a few (totally useless) functions
    of the 'full' version. Now it's $35, but there are others,
    presumably quite a few free ones, and there are crack sites and
    NG's if you prefer to do it that way. But you can use it for 30
    days guilt-free.

    Many programs run more than one thread whether you have "one
    window" open or not. A window may disappear from the venerable
    MS info box and yet keep on "running" and not allow you to close

    TaskInfo (from the above site) or another real task manager will
    show and allow you to shut down anything. If it doesn't, you
    have a problem and need to reboot and possibly investigate if
    it's a serious problem. It's usually a minor intermittent

    "Who knows what the OP is talking about?"
    (about thanatoid)
    thanatoid, Feb 6, 2009
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  2. thanatoid

    thanatoid Guest

    "Mike" <> wrote in

    > It's getting to be pretty common these past few days. A
    > System Restore didn't help at all. Task Manager always
    > worked before. I really despise Vista and wish I knew I
    > could special order a new PC with XP. I'll check out some
    > free ones... I remember one called Endall but was told it
    > wont work on Vista.

    So wipe your drive (after backing anything important) and get
    TinyXP Platinum from a warez NG or a torrent. Why **** around
    with Disasta when you don't have to?

    The program you mention is called EndItAll, a free PCMag
    utility, and I use it fairly frequently - but I happily run 98SE

    "Who knows what the OP is talking about?"
    (about thanatoid)
    thanatoid, Feb 7, 2009
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  3. thanatoid

    thanatoid Guest

    "Mike" <> wrote in

    > "thanatoid" <> wrote in message
    > news:Xns9BABBCB954D6thanexit@

    > Sorry but I don't know anything about TinyXP Platinum or
    > torrent. We're stuck with Vista because we not techie
    > types.
    > I wouldn't know how to begin a reformat and
    > instillation of a strange OS.

    Linux is "strange". All Windows OS's are largely the same thing
    with more complicated pretty faces, bloat, and spyware in each

    Go to Wikipedia for "torrent", although Usenet is much faster
    and usually better quality.

    All you have to do is do a little Googling and reading. If you
    are at home, you can safely DL and install TinyXP or Win98SE
    from a warez newsgroup - just find the group. Using it /will/ be, strictly
    speaking, *illegal*, but MS really only cares about major
    perpetrators. And seeing as they are already working on Win7 (oh
    what fun THAT will be) I don't even think they care much about
    XP any more, They stopped caring about 98 years ago.

    You do an fdisk, divide your presumably large HD into a few
    logical partitions for easier management, and install the OS.
    Tiny XP Platinum installs itself. A few minor errors in "bonus
    files" which don't matter. It goes up to SP2, SP3 was mainly

    Just NEVER use IE/OE and you can forget about updates and

    You can get started with

    Stupider people than you have managed it. Just back up
    everything important - NOT the programs, those you should have
    the original discs or zips of somewhere on CD.

    > It would also void the
    > warranty from HP.

    That warranty is worth nothing. Computers break down in the
    first 3 months or after 5 years.

    > This Vista is the most unstable OS I've
    > ever used, worse in some respects than W95.

    That's why I call it Disasta. Win95 (B, and C, A sucked) were
    quite good - in fact the smarter people use three key files from
    it with Win98SE - called Win98SE Lite after the modification.
    The only relevant thing Win95 did not have (some disagree, but I
    /have/ tried and failed) is USB support. It can do everything
    else your computer can do, let alone 98SE. No to mention NO
    updates, patches, spyware, etc.

    "Who knows what the OP is talking about?"
    (about thanatoid)
    thanatoid, Feb 9, 2009
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