Re: Symantec NIS and tampered MBR/Boot Sector

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Nomen Nescio, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Nomen Nescio

    Nomen Nescio Guest

    "Ar Q" <> wrote in message news:SrPdi.1460$...
    > My friend's harddrive/computer became kind of slow lately. She wanted me to
    > found out if it is software issue or hardware malfunction. So I took her
    > hard drive and hooked it to my computer (copy my hd image to her hd first).
    > As some of you know, I have maximized my Norton Internet Security
    > activations, so I immediately delete the NIS program. Then I run some
    > diagnosis and play some popular video games. Her hard drive looks pretty
    > good to me. I returned it to her and told her the problem is more like
    > software issue.
    > But now she only got blue screen using that hd. Taking it back to my place,
    > the hd works fine again. I did some research on this issue and found some
    > articles from Internet. Apparently, Symantec's activation technology is to
    > write some data to MBR/Boot sector to track the number of activations having
    > done and which may cause tampered hard drives inaccessible once the maximum
    > number is reached. But the articles I read don't have information on how to
    > reverse the effect. Will any of you knowing this matter point me to some web
    > pages? (I just want to put her MBR/Boot Sector back to as it was, not
    > reducing the activation count on her hard drive since she doesn't use NIS.)
    > Thanks.
    > (And now I officially hate Symantec.All I want to do is to impress the girl
    > and instead it makes me look bad. All the craps on activation just make the
    > paid customers miserable.)
    > Ar Q

    Most anti-virus companies take undocumented steps to thwart piracy.

    Some of them (like the one you just described) can be downright data-dangerous and deserve a flame, but someone somewhere will always bitch about even the most benign protection.

    Right now I'm pissing myself with laughter at the childish complaints of a moaning cuntflap who's bitching on Wilders Security Forums because Eset won't let him set up a private (i.e. PIRATE) update sever on the web.

    The fact that anti-virus updates are copyrighted intellectual property and companies can do whatever the **** they like with them must have escaped his pea-sized brain.

    No matter what self-serving explanations this dolt proposes, it's an undeniable fact that there is no legitimate reason for setting up your own OPEN www server to update NOD32 or any other anti-virus program.

    If I was Eset I'd cancel the fuckwit's licence and tell him to use Norton.

    A swift kick in the scrotum is too good for some people. :)

    (Sorry, I can't help you with the Norton ****-up.)
    Nomen Nescio, Jun 19, 2007
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