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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by sandy58, Dec 7, 2008.

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    On Dec 7, 7:50 am, "WeReo_ScoTTy" <> wrote:
    > I had a "press agent" who will go unnamed who left a voicemail, "the dead
    > man (who died 12 years ago) said I must "stay off my little toy" because he
    > got the directive from the dead man.
    > The buffoon never could spell my name right, thus preventing me from showing
    > anyone anything printed in his erratic little newsletter which he called a
    > newspaper.
    > If that's not enough he never could get anyone's mailing address right
    > either, thus causing plenty of friction between the target and your mailman.
    > Of course he never could send an EMAIL because he doesn't want "a little
    > toy" to send one on.
    > Then the manipulator/opportunist/power freak decides who is your soulmate
    > and how to talk to each individual family member. And all the while I'm
    > waiting for the dead man to get me a booking for 20-odd years.
    > Don't you know he's got a good group of us show biz veterans enRAGEd by
    > these antics by now?
    > Then he tells me to call creep 1. I call creep 1 and the next day get a
    > voicemail from creep 2 upstate THREATENING MY LIFE if I ever call creep 1
    > again.
    > Of course I'm forbidden to read Backstage and Show Business even though the
    > clairvoyant's newsletter has been missing deadlines for 4 years. I kid you
    > not.
    > Let alone sending me on wild goose chases awl over New York City to fantasy
    > "bookings." One time this con man told me I had a booking at the David
    > Letterman Show. Whew! I finally made the big time. "Wear the hat, wear the
    > hat" the fantasy newspaper mogul tells me.
    > So I put on the hat on trudge on down to The Ed Sullivan Theatre, walk in
    > the lobby, and announce myself. The great Scott Lifshine is here. The
    > befuddled show assistant comes back 15 minutes later and tells me to get out
    > of there, we've never heard of you *or* your buffoonish press agent.
    > I'll eventually get over this. After 20 years of this slipshod "publicity" I
    > finally told him I don't want to be in his next issue with the newsletter..
    > It was at this point the 73 year old who gets his directives from the dead
    > man to "stay off your little toy" becomes vicious and bilious with
    > registered letters (he finally got the address right, I think) and
    > threatening blackmail-like phone calls that if I don't invest in this
    > upcoming "film" of his I will be seen in a very negative light in this film.
    > For god sakes the putz can't even send out an EMAIL, let alone produce a
    > film! This is just a few examples of the complaints I've got against this
    > vicious buffoon.
    > Hey buffoon I don't appreciate you telling me when I can and cannot send out
    > an email or press notice to awl my friends out here.
    > And if you don't mind I need my "little toy" here in order to COMMUNICATE
    > with everyone on the internets. How else are they supposed to know I'm the
    > only speaker who matters in the Universities?
    > Sending this fucking creep copies of the biggest write-up in world history
    > written about me cawled One day in 1974 ... about what I did at the behemoth
    > California Jam and stuff I realize now were wastes of good
    > 11 x 17s and postage and envelopes.
    > Is there a 12 year old film producer on earth today who can't send out an
    > email to cast and crew, ASSHOLE? And you don't have any "SAG authorization
    > letters" for this fantasy little major film of yours either. SAG doesn't
    > issue authorization letters to buffoons with no email addresses, let alone a
    > website.
    > And perhaps even a Myspace, a Facebook and a Youtube may bolster up your
    > credibility in the eyes of SAG? But no, you despise the idea of anyone using
    > our "little toys" here to COMMUNICATE with each other.
    > Get rid of a buffoon today. So how's YOUR day going?

    Try another NG?
    sandy58, Dec 7, 2008
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