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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tony, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    Put the issue first so i can read it. I was all read out by the time i got to
    the issue i was too tired to read it.

    Tanel Kagan wrote:

    > Hello Group,
    > I'll try to explain the problem I'm having, it's slightly convoluted but
    > please bear with me.
    > I'm running Win XP and have the classic start menu enabled. There are two
    > sections in the start menu, separated by a horizontal line. In the upper
    > section, there are a few icons there for things like opening an Office
    > document, or creating a new one.
    > In this upper section, I previously had a folder which I had dragged and
    > dropped there, which is a network folder.
    > I chose this method rather than creating a shortcut or a hierarchy of
    > shortcuts, since this folder contains many subfolders which are always being
    > modified. The logic was therefore that rather than relying on old shortcuts
    > which might need to be updated every time the folder and sub-folder contents
    > were modified, the folder in the start menu would be both a way of accessing
    > quickly *and* a way of modifying and reorganising that network folder, as
    > and when needed.
    > So far so good, it was working fine and I could drag and drop files and
    > folders freely between the folder and sub-folders.
    > When dragging and dropping to reorganise, the folder or file would move and
    > a black horizontal line would appear showing the new position of the file or
    > folder i.e. where it would be after releasing the LMB. This behaviour is
    > still exhibited in the rest of the start menu.
    > Now the issue.
    > In order to access more of the network files further *up* the hierarchy on
    > the network machine, I removed the existing folder from the start menu, and
    > dragged and dropped the folder one level up on the network machine onto the
    > start menu.
    > Now, when trying to reorganise, I get the same behaviour with regards to
    > dragging and dropping files and folders, but only in the first level of
    > sub-folders. In lower levels (which I still need to organise), I get a
    > different behaviour. I get no black line and a semi-transparent "overlay"
    > of the folder or file I'm moving. When I release the LMB, nothing appears
    > to happen (i.e. I get no immediate visual confirmation that the file/folder
    > has moved).
    > If I go through to the network machine through explorer, or if I exit the
    > start menu and restart it and navigate back to the relevant folders that
    > way, it appears that the file/folder *does* moved, but the start menu needs
    > to be refreshed first.
    > Reinstating the setup to how it was before doesn't seem to have worked
    > either, again it's only the first level of sub-folders which show in
    > "realtime" how files and folders are being moved.
    > It's an annoying little niggle, but important because when modifying the
    > contents of these folders (often 3-4 levels down) I do need to know that
    > they have been organised properly, and everytime I try to move a file if I
    > have to go back and reconfirm it is quite a timewaster.
    > Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this?
    > Regards,
    > Tanel.

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    Tony, Nov 18, 2008
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