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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by JD, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. JD

    JD Guest

    dennis meissner wrote:
    > Hi All...
    > Well I been looking at the posts in this group on almost a daily
    > basis... haven't contributed a lot but just had something occur this
    > evening I wanted to pass on.
    > I do a part-time pc and network support business and during the last few
    > weeks have had customers get a nasty spyware that basically replaces the
    > background with usually a white screen with a large gray and red box in
    > the middle and a message "warning spyware detected on your computer".
    > The normal route running spybot, adaware, superantispyware are
    > ineffective (haven't tried spysweeper or sypware doctor yet). Also on
    > every case I came across the system restore points are wiped out. Nasty!
    > The systems I worked on were fortunately in the 2-3 year old range so I
    > advised the customers that maybe a data backup and system rebuild may be
    > in order. It would not only definitely fix the spyware problems but
    > also give them a clean system once again. Easy fixes.
    > Then tonight comes along and I wanted to do more research into this
    > thing. I found a thread in one of the discussion forums that look like
    > there may be a resolution to this nasty bug. Two utilities were
    > mentioned Malwarebytes and ComboFix. Both were hyperlinked. When I
    > right-clicked on them I opened each one of them into a new window. The
    > prompt was then to either run or save... thought it would be safe to
    > save them onto my flash drive. Which seemed reasonable and safe...
    > Well safe it wasn't! A soon as I downloaded them (again to my flash
    > drive) I was hit with the same attack I was trying to investigate.
    > arrrrgh! Fortunately I was able to go to system restore and found I
    > still had my restore points intact... system restore was successful and
    > all is working well again.
    > Not sure if I would have waited or maybe rebooted after the attack I
    > would have lost the restore points... just glad they were there.
    > Anyone else come across this? Any solutions? A known good
    > spyware/adware removal tool that will take care of this?
    > thanks
    > Dennis

    I cant remember the name of this piece of malware but I have seen it a
    few times to remove these programs you have to stop the process running
    in the task manager and there is usually another program watching it to
    start it up again.

    its best fixed by removing the drive and using an multi HD adapter to
    plug it onto another machine, you can then run your spyware/anti0virus
    on it as no processes are running

    its also best to remove any old System restore points and create a new
    one from that point on.

    oh I think that one also changes your system clock to Virus Alert or
    something beside the time, just go to your regional settings and change
    your time format back to H:mm:ss or whatever you are using.

    JD, Sep 18, 2008
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