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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by RecylerMan, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. RecylerMan

    RecylerMan Guest

    Steven H wrote:
    > i got a simple question reguarding using multiple switches in a small
    > network
    > here is the situation, i have 2 servers
    > david goliath
    > david does firewall / nat (its a low spec machine)
    > goliath does asp(.net), ftp, MySql, SqlServer, SourceSafe (its still low
    > spec but its more powerfull than david)
    > then thers the network clients (3 atm)
    > now here is what i want to do (excuse bad ASCII art) - S1-2 are the
    > switches
    > [INTERNET]
    > |
    > |
    > |
    > [DAVID]
    > |
    > [S1]----- [GOLIATH]
    > |
    > |
    > |
    > [S2]
    > |
    > -----------------------
    > now i want all of the boxen to have the same format ip (192.168.0.X) so
    > my question is whether it is possible to do this in this situation or
    > does each boxen thats behind the diffrent switches need to be on a
    > diffrent subnet?
    > btw, just in case your curious, it is cheaper to buy a second switch
    > (got a 8 port one coming) than to fork out a large amount of money for
    > another long cable (specifically goliath to me)

    from what I can see so long as david is the only way to internet any
    thing can be hung off s1 and s2. All of your machines can have the same
    format ip ( i assuume sub net of with no
    problems when I was running two 5 port hubs my server machinse used hub
    one and the machines down the back used the other hub no problems it is
    just a swich is more intellegent tha a hub i ma using a ip address in a
    planed way my self to 009 Servers usaly have only one but have had up to
    three on test to 019 mahcines that can be in the Lounge kiction of
    the house to 200 any machine on DHCP ( actualy that is the others
    allthe others two machines) to 254 things like print servers and the like ( have none)

    I have left plenty of big hols in my Ip plan so I can add things as
    required like wirless link to folks (in my dreams)

    RecylerMan ICQ 22245595

    Mail to :- l i n u x u s r AT i h u g DOT c o DOT n z
    RecylerMan, Jul 8, 2003
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