Re: Siemens SL685IP & DrayTel - no audio?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Bodincus, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Bodincus

    Bodincus Guest

    (30/06/10 22:40), Pheasant Plucker®:
    > Hi there,
    > I have a Siemens S685IP that has Sipgate accounts that seem to
    > work as expected...well OK nobody to call yet(!) but dialling Sipgate 10000
    > or Gigaset 1234 reveals pre-recorded messages so for now I shall assume this
    > is working OK!
    > I have added a DrayTel account which has registered and allows me to dial
    > various service/test numbers such as;
    > 9123 - Speaking Clock
    > 9200 - Voicemail
    > 901-907 - Various other services etc.
    > Dialling any of these numbers connects to the server and shows the call
    > timer incrementing as if in a call but I hear no audio whatsoever!
    > I suspect a couple or three things that might be causing this;
    > 1 My router might be filtering out the audio (although the other accounts
    > work as expected)
    > 2. Possibly a setup issue in the 685IP on the DrayTel account?
    > 3. The phone may not be transmitting DTMF/SIP to the server (is this
    > possible as it does connect?)
    > Has anyone trod this path before or can some kind could point me towards a
    > resource that explains how to set up a DrayTel account on a Siemens S685IP
    > please?
    > Ports already forwarded to the 685IP include;
    > Port 3478 TCP/UDP
    > Port 5004 - 5020 UDP
    > Port 5060 TCP/UDP
    > Port 5065 TCP/UDP
    > Port 5222 TCP
    > Have I missed something fundamental here?

    1) *Please* remove all ports forwarding, you don't need *any* of them
    for your setup;

    2) Check that no SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway) is enabled on your
    router. If yes disable it. Google for your make and model if there's no
    obvious way to check / disable it. The damn thing is more harm than good
    in 99.99% of the cases.

    3) If the router has a VoIP section, do your utmost to disable it
    completely. If you can't, move all ports for all settings well away from

    4) *Always* set an outbound proxy in all accounts. For Sipgate, the
    setup I use is:

    General Provider Data

    Proxy server address:
    Proxy server port: 5060
    Registrar server:
    Registrar server port: 5060
    Registration refresh time: 600 sec


    STUN enabled: [X] Yes [ ] No
    STUN server:
    STUN port: 3478
    STUN refresh time: 999 sec
    NAT refresh time: 999 sec
    Outbound proxy mode: [ ] Always [X] Auto [ ] Never
    Outbound proxy:
    Outbound proxy port: 5060

    As per Draytel, never used them but I gather their outbound proxy is
    "" on port 5065.

    See here:

    As DTMF method settings, have enabled *only* the RFC2833.

    It'll be £ 10 + VAT for the consultancy, who do I send the invoice to?
    Bodincus - The Y2K Druid
    Law 42 on computing:
    Anything that could fail, will break at the worst possible mom%*= ?@@
    # Access Violation - Core dumped
    # Kernel Panic
    Bodincus, Jul 1, 2010
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  2. Bodincus

    Bodincus Guest

    (01/07/10 04:26), Pheasant Plucker®:
    > Thanks for the quick& comprehensive reply Bodincus,
    > From the top;
    > 1) I have now disabled all open port forwarding to the S685IP

    Thanks, at least we have a clean slate.

    > 2) SIP ALG was already disabled. I had checked previously via Telnet using
    > the sys sip_alg ? command line and it returned a 0

    OK, well done.

    > 3) I have now removed entries for Sipgate& DrayTel from the 2820Vn VoIP
    > section. Ironically it was the DrayTel account that was showing as
    > registered in the router while the Sipgate was not!

    So this is a VoIP enabled router, and you are using it to register with
    the providers? And you want also to have a Siemens behind it working? 8-O
    Sorry, you can't, if you don't change drastically all ports on one of
    the two devices, the SIP or RTP traffic will go to the VoIP section of
    the router and your Siemens will be none the wiser.
    To keep things simple, either use the router or the Siemens.
    Yes, it's possible to have them to work together, but it's a step too
    far with your - let's face it - restricted knowledge of VoIP and my
    restricted free time.

    > 4) Why would I*Always* set an outbound proxy if using STUN on Sipgate for
    > example? I would prefer to use STUN for everything but DrayTel don't support
    > it. I am new to VoIP so please be gentle with me if I have misunderstood!
    > :)
    > My Provider data for Sipgate is similar to yours apart from my having lower
    > refresh times than 999 and having 'Never' checked for Outbound proxy mode as
    > it uses STUN

    No, STUN is NOT a replacement for Outbound Proxy.
    STUN serves the purpose to let the Siemens know what is his real,
    external IP and then use it in the SIP messages. This helps a lot for
    signalling, but doesn't affect the RTP (audio) traffic.
    Any device between a NAT has no way to know that it is, if you don't
    give it a way to tell his *real* IP is not the one he knows.
    Siemens phones need STUN to understand this, and they use the external
    IP according to the RFC even when registering through an OB Proxy.
    Please have faith, and use the settings I have sent you, I've been using
    them for years: they work a treat for me and a dozen of customers I have
    around the UK with Siemens phones.

    > I have followed your recommendation for using the DrayTel Outbound proxy as
    > per that difficult-to-read picture from DrayTel themselves

    Yeah, really shoddy work there

    > and changed my Send Settings from Auto to RFC2833.

    That's how I have it in mine, with 5 different providers registered.

    > I still can't hear any audio but now in addition I can't even get the
    > DrayTel account to sits there a while and then gives Error 701.
    > At least before it connected and the timer incremented despite my not
    > hearing anything.

    701 is not a SIP standard error. What can you see from the web
    interface? Does it say "Registered"? What else?
    I think that if you don't take the router out of the way (changing its
    ports out of the 5000-5100 range) you won't have any luck.
    let me see if I can find a easy way out...
    <off to google>
    AAARRGGHHHHHH! That router does too many things for my liking.
    It's *really* too complicated to have both that router and the Siemens
    working together.
    It'll be too time consuming and a kludge. I give up. Sorry, but you
    bought either the wrong router to have a VoIP phone behind it, or you
    didn't need a VoIP phone in the first place.
    With that router, buy two DECT handsets and use the router phone ports.

    > If I disable the Outbound Proxy mode then I can again connect...but back to
    > square one as still no audio can be heard.

    The audio (RTP on UDP) and the signalling (SIP on UDP) are two
    completely different pipes of traffic, one can get through and the other
    does not.
    I forgot to add, if you have any anti-DDOS or UDP flood setting enabled
    on your router (it's usually in the Firewall section) disable it.
    The audio RTP traffic is usually seen as an UDP flood and the firewall
    blocks it.
    But I can't see any light out of the tunnel for you, I'm afraid.
    You need to bite the bullet and change any of your devices.

    > Consultancy fee? No problem...give me a call...via DrayTek VoIP and you can
    > tell me where to send the cheque ;^)


    Good luck
    Bodincus - The Y2K Druid
    Law 42 on computing:
    Anything that could fail, will break at the worst possible mom%*= ?@@
    # Access Violation - Core dumped
    # Kernel Panic
    Bodincus, Jul 1, 2010
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