Re: Siemans Gigaset Replacement box Number 2.... Still useless.

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Harry Broomhall, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. On Mon, 20 Oct 2008 22:28:19 +0100, ""
    <> wrote:

    >OK, so the GigasetIP phone went back in it's entirety and as I really
    >want the damn phones to work I was happy to try a completely brand new
    >unit one more time.
    >Installed on Saturday, all _seemed_ ok, but today Monday after working
    >fine for most of the morning calls start Not coming through , dialling
    >number from PSTN "olden times" phone and all was silent. Same problem as
    >on the previous box. (which I blamed on voipfone)
    >OK, so, pull the plug (something I'd got used to in the few days I
    >managed to tollerate the previous unit) System re-boot, All accounts log
    >in except voipfone. Same story. I could ping no
    >problem but the account just wouldnt register. So call Voipfone support
    >again, but 30 minutes had elapsed and account registered.
    >Same as previous unit.

    [SNIP tail of woe]

    It seems to me that either you have been extraordinary unlucky, or
    Viopfone and the Gigaset just don't get on with each other.

    I have had a S685IP for about a couple of months, and am using it
    with both Sipgate and an experimental unit with my own company.

    It has, so far, 'just worked'. The only problem I've had was with
    the NAT refresh and my company experimental box, which doesn't seem to
    like NAT refresh at all! Fortunately I was able to switch this off,
    as I have real IPs at home and don't use NAT.


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    Harry Broomhall, Oct 21, 2008
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  2. Harry Broomhall

    theFug Guest

    Re: Siemans Gigaset Replacement box Number 2.... Still useless.

    On 24 okt, 02:58, "" <discount-fitness-
    > wrote:
    > Nick B. wrote:
    > > I was thinking of getting the S685IP for the answerphone facility, but I
    > > think I'll await a firmware update for the S450IP.

    > Today was quite un-eventfull on the "bleedin' edge" un-official firmware
    > update.
    > The calls were few and far between but the ones we did get were
    > extremely clear.  I was randomly phoning in just in case, but so far
    > it's still running nicely.
    > If it goes a week without any odd happenings I'll be well pleased.
    > :¬)

    You might want to acquire the 301 D from siemens, it has most of the
    S685IP functions,
    and you can decide for yourself which handsets you buy, since the 301
    D is a basestation for 70 euro,
    but is a great choice, if you allready have dect handsets.
    theFug, Oct 25, 2008
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