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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by PeterN, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    On 1/31/2013 7:22 PM, Eric Stevens wrote:
    > I've already explained that there are few worthwhile steeples within
    > gunshot of where I live and that I am in any case presently restricted
    > in my movements. Instead I've gone to recent archives to extract
    > photographs of steeples and the like.
    > All the photographs were taken under tourist conditions: no control of
    > the site, the distance, the nature or direction of the light, or the
    > weather in general. A good photograph is one without a stray head in
    > it.
    > One of my problems is I tend to value content as much the technical
    > aspects. A technically lousy photograph of an interesting steeple
    > still ranks highly in my general opinion. I know that not everyone
    > holds that view (sigh). Anyway, I had to make a decision and the best
    > way seemed to be put up the ones which didn't make the cut, thereby
    > committing myself by implication to those that did make the cut.
    > Here are two from Copenhagen:
    > is the
    > extraordinary spire of "Vor Frelsers Kirke" in Copenhagen. There is a
    > stairway to the top of the spire but it runs up the outside! I met
    > someone who has climbed it and he said once you get up a bit it feels
    > much safer if you go up backwards on the seat of your trousers.
    > is the spire of St
    > Nikolaj Kirke. Just look at all that copper. The mounted gentleman is
    > the bishop. The speckled texture is due to overdoing it with DxO. I
    > can now do better.
    > St Petersberg now:
    > are the 'spires' of
    > the family chapel on Queen Catherine's Palace. They told us "If it
    > looks like gold, it probably is gold".
    > helps put things
    > into perspective. You can see about half the servant's quarters to the
    > left of the chapel and less than half of the palace-proper to the
    > right of the chapel. You can only photograph the whole of this from
    > the air.
    > is the "Peter and
    > Paul" Cathedral. The tower is 404' high and very difficult to
    > photograph from any accessible site on the ground. The murk was due to
    > the hot muggy atmosphere - 36C + high humidity I think it was that
    > day.
    > These photographs are interesting but I don't think any of them are of
    > real merit.

    OK They are decent "I've been there," shots. Now get your imagination
    juices flowing, and create. ;-)

    PeterN, Feb 1, 2013
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