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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Paul Furman, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Paul Furman

    Paul Furman Guest

    Ah, I didn't x-post to & with this a couple days ago, assuming not everybody reads

    In fact, I'm not unable to x-post with google groups so multi-post it is...

    Frank S wrote:
    > SI Committee wrote:
    > >

    > I LIKE 'em!

    Yeah :)
    I'll make comments, then read the thread:

    > Here's the list I will use to make comments.
    > Lazardo's socks

    Neat story, just enough variety to keep your eye scanning the image comfortably.

    > Barstow

    Farming in the desert... what are they growing? Classic scene well captured..

    > Clouds

    I've had to shoot at f/1.8 to wipe out the dirty window that was a treat tobe able to shoot f/11. Soothing scenery... good for a desktop background.

    > Tim Conway's cityscape

    Clean illustrative capture of a freeway scene - I can see this illustratinga magazine article as stock photography..

    > Stick's gate

    That seems worth doing some serious photoshopping on the green constructionfence, no? Magic moment.

    > Erick Stevens' early morning
    > traffic

    Strange energy with no cars in the foreground drew me in, then the flying streetlights grab my eye and I swoop through again. Interesting!

    > yellow

    The composition and tilt don't work for me.

    > flashmob

    Great lively city sidewalk scene. I appreciate the creative cropping.

    > Alan Browne's road & fence

    Charming rural seaside scene, well captured. Odd that the 'log-pole'fence reminds me of a 'coyote fence' from New Mexico, made with much smaller sticks.

    > flume

    Neat scene well captured. I want to see the hill where that flume presumably originates in the background.

    > slo-mo waterfall

    Beautiful showering falls, just the right shutter speed.

    > Valley of Fire

    Vivid capture of a difficult-to-capture desert scene. I played by cropping out all the sky - I liked that more.

    > Death Valley

    I love the dynamic composition. Flawless.

    > Dead end

    The first 2 Duck shots do nothing for me but this one is great.

    > Tony Cooper's armadillo

    Ugh, even the bokeh looks ill. That works here though.

    > Biker

    Lovely repeating jumble!

    > off road

    Fascinating decaying bus - keeps my eyes comfortably busy exploring the details.

    > no go


    > Bob Coe's Ford

    Great find, well conveyed.

    > station

    Perfect quaintness. The top seems cropped a bit tight if I nitpick.

    > roller

    Great old machine. Nice lighting and framing.

    > Frank Ess's vanishing point

    I love the repeating blues of the car hood and distant mesas - the composition feels unbalanced though.

    > tilt

    Perfect composition but the lighting is dull and the action not very interesting.

    > Otter's Luckenbach

    Neat scene well captured - magic hour lighting - human interest.

    > eatery

    Fantastic :)

    > Dan Peters' road

    Nightmare or science fiction disaster? Or drunk driving, I suppose...

    > KPetre's road 1

    Wonderful scenery, I want to go there...

    > 3

    Kind of mysterious.

    > Peter Newman's rail

    Crazy saturation and contrast - it works here.

    > sail

    Very serene. I know this scene so it brings that feeling of a peaceful sailing evening on the town.

    > street


    > Paul Furman's trail

    I've gotten some neat dreamy shots with the cell phone shooting into the sun but yeah, this is too much. If the film shot had come through, it would have been a tad wider (28mm f/2 Ai Nikkor) and looked better, I'll bet. The trees and light were very dramatic, the details were rich. I know, I shouldn't blame my tools...

    Thanks for playing everyone!
    Paul Furman, Aug 26, 2012
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  2. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    PeterN, Aug 26, 2012
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