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Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Michael D. Alligood, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Wow. I am not sure where to begin with that! So as a wise man once said,
    begin at the beginning. Here we go:

    Yes the Microsoft exams have a slant; they are suppose to. You are
    dealing with their software and they have specific ways of
    troubleshooting the operating system that may seem erroneous to seasoned
    technicians. Example: You need to statically configure your IP address
    for your current network. How can this be accomplished? Microsoft wants
    you to utilize the Control Panel, not right click on Network Places and
    select properties -- which we would all do. Microsoft designed the
    Control Panel as there one stop window. However, we know ways around the
    Control Panel don't we? This was just an example of course. The easiest
    way isn't necessarily the correct way with Microsoft. My best advice to
    you is to stop thinking like a technician. Sounds odd I know. But once
    you start doing so while taking the exam, you will find yourself saying,
    "Well I would not do it like that." This can cause you to fail. This
    test honestly is a glorified A+ software exam (but a little wordier --
    if that is even a word).

    With concerns to the practice tests; many practice test come from a
    static pool of question -- meaning they do not change. Even my favorite
    practice exams, Transcender, have a static pool of questions of about
    150 I think. But I do not use them as a study tool. I use them as a
    conditioning tool.

    As far as your lack of support and funding from your company, screw
    them. Do it yourself. Remember you can do this. Take the advice from
    Montreal M. Either you will pass or fail. If you fail, you at least know
    what is on the test first hand. Remember, exam insurance is your
    friend... Good Luck!

    By the way, what objectives do you have with your practice tests are you
    having issues with?

    Michael D. Alligood
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor

    "Scuba_Dave" <> wrote in message

    > The reason we (I) want the practice test is not to study, but as a practice
    > test to measure our ability to answer similiar questions. I have found that
    > Microsofts questions have a unique slant on exactly how they ask the question
    > that directly corresponds to the answer that they are looking for. Microsoft
    > has a way of doing things that while not wrong, does not correspond to how
    > things are usually done in the real world
    > At present we are authorized to use Mindleaders thru work - $125 a year -
    > lots of study areas. However, after spending approx 30+ hours studying &
    > taking their tests I find several problems:
    > #1 The answers in some cases are incorrect, have more then one correct
    > answer, or simply wrong. I have sent in (3) seperate incidents on issues that
    > I found to fall into these categories & they said they have corrected the
    > issues
    > #2 The Tests NEVER change. So as a learning tool it may be partially useful,
    > but in the end you remember the question & eventually the answer
    > To properly test your knowledge you need a test that changes & may ask the
    > same question in a different manner
    > Our management indicated that Mindleaders was sufficient training to pass
    > the test
    > I didn't think so, especially since there is a vast amount of knowledge
    > required to pass that we simply do not deal with (at all). We do not setup
    > images, we do not work with active directory, we very rarely are allowed to
    > troubleshoot more then 15 minutes. If the issue can't be resolved quickly,
    > the PC is simply re-imaged. With a larger company the tasks are so
    > segregated that we only work on a small portion of the issues.knowledge that
    > we need to pass this test
    > Work will re-imburse us IF we pass the test. To walkinto a test like this
    > blindly & plunk down $125 of my money is not something I am willing to do
    > As I said, two Techs have & failed. One I may have expected to fail - the
    > 2nd (who is in their good graces) attended a training class ($1200) & I
    > thought had a good chance of passing
    > A very BIG issue I have is that they will pay $125 for training material
    > that is not up to par (they have been kept up to date on this - no comment in
    > months), will spend $1200 for a class, but won't spend $60-70 for training
    > materials? I requested approval to attend the Microsoft classes for 271 & 272
    > - never received a response
    > I'm waiting to hear if they will aprove the $30 per Tech for the practice
    > tests
    > Quite frankly I am very dissappointed in the overall management & methods -
    > this from a worldwide company that is highly respected
    > There are far greater issues at my work then I can go into
    > I've never working anywhere that has a manager tell multiple people "I never
    > should have hired you" or "I never would have F'ing hired you"
    > That manager is no longer here
    > Since no-one has met the "Goal", can they fire the entire Dept?
    > Or would that reflect very badly on the management?
    > I would love to be certified, but it seems in this case its certification
    > just to say we are certified. And it seems like management is unwilling (not
    > unable) to work with us to achieve the goal required. When goals are set
    > year after year, and no-one obtains them (even the "pet" employees) it speaks
    > more to bad management then anything else
    > I have one of the best SLA times of the Techs, instead of being commended
    > for my quick response time, it was questioned how I managed to obtain this
    > record.
    > When I indicated I had already reviewed part of my managers yearly review of
    > me, I was accused of hacking into his laptop to look at my review
    >'s online...our Intranet???
    > I understand that 700 is comsidered passing for this test. I do not prefer
    > to simply pass, nor do I consider 700 a good passing score. I want to learn
    > the material & become certifed that I have learned the material. Not simply
    > pass a test
    > Sorry for the long post/partial rant
    > This is a sore subject at work, and there is more that I simply can't go into
    > At this point I would welcome Certification, especially if it helps me
    > obtain a job with a company that will be greatful for my 10+ years of
    > expereince
    Michael D. Alligood, Dec 29, 2006
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  2. Michael D. Alligood wrote:
    > them. Do it yourself. Remember you can do this. Take the advice from
    > Montreal M. Either you will pass or fail. If you fail, you at least know
    > what is on the test first hand. Remember, exam insurance is your
    > friend... Good Luck!

    I agree w/ Michael & Montreal's advice. I had been procrastinating to
    take my first exam for YEARS. Well, I finally did it. I got a cheap
    Ebay voucher so that if I failed I wouldn't be out the full price. I
    took the 70-431 exam the Friday before Christmas and amazingly passed
    it! I didn't get the highest score in the history of the exam, but a
    pass is a pass.

    Moral of the story: Prepare well, get hands-on experience and TAKE THE EXAM!

    Jonathan Roberts, Dec 30, 2006
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