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Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Michael D. Alligood, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. I understand that your question is a legitimate one, however lets look
    at it differently.

    First lets look at the use of practice tests. What are they for? Well,
    they are to simulate as best they can without violating Microsoft's NDA
    for exams. Are they a study guide? In my opinion, they can be but are a
    poor substitute if you look at Windows XP study material as a whole. I
    find a lot of individuals complain that they failed the exam BUT they
    used "study guides" like Transcender, MeasureUP, Self Test, among
    others. If all you're using is practice test to successfully negotiate
    the actual exam, you will more than like fail -- or pass but without the
    real knowledge you need to successfully live up to the certification

    People ask me all the time (and ask others here as well), "How do I pass
    the 70-271 and 70-272 exams?" The answer is obvious. Microsoft gives you
    a list of "Skills Measured" on There
    are tons of written books and audio material teach you want you need to
    know about this operating system and how it functions. There are
    training classes. There are online resources such as which for the most part are FREE. Hey
    and lets not forget good 'ol hands on experience. Using a practice test
    as your only (and easiest) way to pass the exam is not wise.

    Let me ask you this concerning your post. You said that your Team Lead
    will not approve the purchase of study material for this certification?
    Is this a required certification for your position? Meaning will you be
    let go if you do not possess this minimal certification for your
    employment? If you feel that you are being treated unfairly in regards
    to your employer not making the investment in your or other techs, try
    negotiating. Ask if the employer is will to do a TLA (Tuition Loan
    Agreement) where they pay for what you need to "LEARN" the operating
    system and successfully pass the exam. A tuition loan agreement normally
    works like this: The employer agrees to pay for your studies and in
    return you agree to stay employed with that company for a set number of
    months or years. If you decide to leave before completing your end of
    the bargain, then you owe the company the cost of your studies that they
    paid for.

    All of this is not directed toward you. It is also for those individuals
    reading that have the same question or are in the same boat as you. "How
    do I pass the exam?"

    Research, Study, Ask, Research. Then you schedule your exam, and knock
    it out. I do hope this helps you in someway. Oh, :) to answer your
    question, have I ever used the self test site before? No, I have not. I
    used Self Test way in the past from study material that included it on
    CDs in the back of the books.

    Michael D. Alligood
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor

    "Scuba_Dave" <> wrote in message

    > I just found out our work has an agreement where we can use these Self Tests
    > for only $30 for a year.
    > Has anyone used this site before?
    > 2 Techs have already taken the 70-271 exam & failed, one of whom attended a
    > training class. So far our Team Lead will not approve purchase of the Study
    > guides
    > Thank you
    Michael D. Alligood, Dec 28, 2006
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