Re: SD vs SDHC camera memory - down side ?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Ofnuts, May 10, 2008.

  1. Ofnuts

    Ofnuts Guest

    - Bobb - wrote:
    > My camera accepts both formats and I was looking at buying a spare
    > memory card. Aside from 4gb > 2gb , is there any reason to (not) buy the
    > 4gb card ? I have a Sandisk USB 5-In-1 Reader/Writer that is SDHC
    > compatible - can I plug that and the SDHC memory into any USB and have
    > it work - or is that a function of the PC's USB port ? May older PC not
    > know what SDHC is and won't recognize it ? Or does the memory stick
    > reader handle that for me ? I don't want to buy the SDHC and THEN find
    > out that it doesn't work in ... Media PC's with built in 7-in-1 readers
    > / other folks PC's - or is everything I'll see pretty much now SDHC
    > compliant ?

    Yes, most recent card readers support SDHC. Your computer doesn't care,
    it's all handled at the card reader level.

    > While looking for that info, I see Fat16 vs Fat32 , speed, etc - with a
    > camera is memory speed REALLY an issue ? I would think that -since
    > memory has to wait for mechanical stuff to happen having faster memory
    > isn't an issue.
    > I did look around , online
    > reviews ,for example, but can't really find a situation that 'faster
    > memory is better'. The only reason seems to be 'more memory is better' .
    > Which is a good reason, but just looking for opinions on downside to be
    > aware of.

    Depends a lot on camera... If you have a compact which only produces
    Jpeg and won't do burst shots, then the slower cards will do. If your
    camera can use "raw" format or burst shooting (and even more if it's
    both at the same time), then card speed is important, and will impact
    burst rate/length or delay between pictures (for raw mode). My camera is
    slowed by cards under 9MB/s. Using a better card doesn't make the camera
    any faster, but it makes the picture transfer to the PC a lot quicker
    when using a card reader.
    Ofnuts, May 10, 2008
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