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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Bobb -, Dec 30, 2008.

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    On some cards there is a physical sliding LOCK switch.
    Ignoring the picture frame for now ... basic stuff:
    what operating system ?
    ( Early windows PC's couldn't have drive larger than 512mb - couldn't "count
    that high".)
    You insert the SD card into a PC ? ( XP ?) and
    1. Click 'My Computer ' ,
    2. right-click on "SD card drive letter" and click properties.
    How big is the drive? how much free space ?
    ( Did you ever format it ? )
    3. When you get the "I'm full" message, do right-click again - how much free
    space does it show on the disk ?
    4. Right-click on "SD card drive letter" , Format it
    go to step #2.

    "j" <> wrote in message
    > Does anyone know why a blank 2 gigabyte SD card will not hold a total of
    > 145
    > MP3's totalling 452 megabytes and 14 megabytes of JPEG photos totalling
    > 14.6
    > megabytes, for a grand total of 466.8 megabytes?
    > I loaded 336 JPEG photos totalling 14.6 megabytes onto the SD card. I then
    > attempted to load 145 MP3's totalling 452 megabytes. After copying
    > thirteen
    > of the MP3's onto the SD card, a window flashes up saying that the
    > directory
    > cannot be created, and then will not accept any more files onto the SD
    > card.
    > However, if I remove all the photos from the SD card, I can load almost
    > one-hundred of the MP3's onto the SD card before it stops and refuses to
    > take any more files, including the photos.
    > I am intending to use this SD card in a digital picture frame. When I load
    > all the photos and MP3 files onto a flash drive and plug the flash drive
    > into the picture frame the frame runs fine displaying all the photos and
    > playing all the music off the flash drive. However, when I stick the blank
    > SD card into the picture frame and copy the files from the flash to the
    > SD,
    > the picture frame does the same thing that the computer does; it loads all
    > the pictures onto the SD, then only thirteen MP3's, then it flashes up a
    > message stating that the SD card is "locked" and will not accept more
    > files
    > to be copied onto the SD, pretty much the same thing that the computer
    > does.
    > I don't know what is meant by the SD card being "locked".
    > Thanks for the help.
    - Bobb -, Dec 30, 2008
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