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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Anonymous, Aug 16, 2004.

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    "_Vanguard_" <do-not-email@reply-to-group> wrote:
    > And he is a child that thinks the recipient is responsible for
    > merchandise damaged during shipment rather than collecting on the
    > insurance and moving on. Safeboot, a software maker, is not going to
    > build multi-million dollar clean rooms and man them with staff to
    > recover data off his damaged drive, nor will Safeboot send the drive to,
    > say, Ontrack, and incur the costs of that data recovery - when Safeboot
    > wasn't responsible for the damage. If the OP didn't insure it then he
    > chose to take the risk, and he lost.

    The drives were fully insured, however, postal insurance covers only
    the replacement cost of the drives, not the cost of recovery of the
    data on those drives.

    Given the rate of depreciation of such hardware, given the rate of
    technological advances and declining prices, three or four year old
    drives would essentially be valueless and unrecoverable. Because of
    this policy, monies spent on insurance were wasted.

    Good thought though, but a dead end. Since the drives were well
    packed in a tight fitting divided box, well wrapped with paper to
    seal out moisture, and in perfect condition when mailed, but both
    were not working, one not at all and the other with much data
    destroyed, it is not logical or believable that both drives could be
    damaged in mailing, one perhaps, but not both, absent some sort of
    intentional destruction as retribution for insisting that the company
    recover the data because of its flawed product.

    With all due respect, you don't have the facts; your conjecture in
    defense of this company, given that you don't have the facts,
    suggests some other motivation; perhaps you just like to defend the
    status quo because it allows you to identify with the power elite,
    perhaps it makes you feel like a capitalistic businessman, perhaps it
    makes you feel important to attempt to affect or to project some
    authority in such matters, who knows.

    What is obvious, though, is that your defense of this company only
    speaks to your internal state and your needs for identification and
    power, and not at all to the facts of the controversy at hand.

    Since you appear to be enamored of Control Break International's
    products, I am considering posting all of them on an offshore web
    page for ftp download; nothing fancy, just simple and efficient. If
    and when I do that, I will post and email the url to you and to your
    couple of compatriots so that you may own all of their products free
    of charge. If you and your friends like their products so much,
    then you should have them all free of charge to use as is your

    I would never use their products myself, but I would be happy to
    distribute them, fully operational, to all who are interested, free
    of any charge, my gift to you.
    Anonymous, Aug 16, 2004
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