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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Joan Archer, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Joan Archer

    Joan Archer Guest

    Everything now seems to be working OK, when first managing to get to the
    config page it was a question of not altering anything just going to save
    and reboot <g> since then it all works.
    Hopefully this has now resolved the problem and I thank you all for your

    Joan Archer wrote:
    > DanR wrote:
    > On your WinME machine look at the wireless utility
    >> program and note what the "default gateway" address is.
    >> By the way Joan... what browser are you using? What is the make and
    >> model of your router? I'm assuming that you have tried to access the
    >> router setup page from ALL your computers and it fails on all of
    >> them. Correct?

    > All the machines have the correct gateway set and you are correct
    > that the setup page cannot be accessed from any of the computers.
    > I have an Addon ADSL Wireless Router - 4 Port. My browser is the
    > Maxthon running on IE.
    >> So you DID set up some security measures. I'm thinking then that this
    >> is where the problem is. Which "security" settings did you change?
    >> Did you attempt to turn on encryption?

    > The security was set up at first and that is when the problems
    > started so security was taken off all machines and the router set to
    > default and still problems.
    >> If you start over by resetting the router... take things slowly. You
    >> say you're in a safe environment so don't change anything in the
    >> router setup at first. Just make sure you can log into that page...
    >> browse the internet and turn everything off and back on and still log
    >> into the router setup page. Set up your security one item at a time.
    >> First change your password. Make sure things continue to work. Then
    >> change your SSID. Make sure things continue to work. If you want to
    >> use encryption... do that last.
    >> And it is a good that one of your computers is hard wired to the
    >> router. If you do any firmware updates you want to use the wired
    >> computer to xfer the new firmware to the router or modem.
    >> If you ever have ISP issues often their tech support will insist that
    >> you are connected via wire directly to their modem.
    >> Good luck.

    > I shall be trying different things over the weekend I'm in constant
    > touch with the guys who set up my wireless system and if no joy over
    > the weekend they are going to swap routers for me.
    > I'll come back here and let you all know when everything is sorted
    > out. Thanks for your help.
    > Joan
    Joan Archer, Jun 13, 2005
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