Re: Revenues, Charges and Terminology in Telco Charging, Revenue Sharing / Refunding and Origination

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by News Reader, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. News Reader

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    ** (Re-posted to include uk.telecom.voip - I meant to include that group -
    insights into the nature and charges / revenues on the VoIP side would be /
    is interesting to) **

    "News Reader" <> wrote in message
    > Hi,
    > I am hoping someone can clarify on terminology and provide some insight on
    > rates for revenue from termination and origination and charges for
    > transit.
    > For example, as I understand it, if someone calls from Virgin Media,
    > Virgin Media will receive a proportion of call revenue for carrying the
    > call up to the boundary of their network (where they pass the call to for
    > example BT wholesale for onward routing / termination [e.g. if the caller
    > is calling an 0800 number Virgin Media will receive some of the payment to
    > the terminating operator for the part of the call carried by their
    > network] [if a normal call - e.g. landline call to the UK - Virgin Media
    > would charge the caller e.g. 1p/minute and then pay a termination provider
    > for that part of the call beyond their network boundary - for example BT
    > at say 0.5p/minute]). Likewise, I understand they receive a proportion of
    > revenue if someone calls a Virgin Media phone for that part of the call
    > they have carried into / on their network (i.e. from where it comes onto
    > the Virgin Media network at its boundary [e.g. from BT] through to the
    > destination phone on the Virgin Media network).
    > Can someone confirm the terminology for each part / side (or parts /
    > sides) of the routing transaction (both in terms of the call handling /
    > routing / process and the same for the revenue and charging sides of the
    > operation)? Also information about rates for each part of the process
    > (approximate or average) would be great or interesting :) .
    > Many thanks and best wishes,
    > News Reader
    News Reader, Mar 16, 2007
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