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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Gordon Henderson, Jul 9, 2008.

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    Jono <> wrote:
    >I've a customer who has two premises close to one another.
    >On each building is a Motorola "Square-ial" supplying a microwave link
    >for the two sites' single LAN.
    >Q1. Is this likely to be a duplex link?

    If it's a Canopy system, then yes, it's full duplex as far as it allows.
    (I used to work for them) There are 2 basic models though - a fast one
    and a slow one. They have E1 adapters for them, (E1 to Ethernet) so if
    they can do that sort of stuff, then pure VoIP ought to be a doddle.

    >Q2. If Q1 is yes, anyone got any suggestions for getting a phone
    >connected in site 2 to site 1's analogue PBX?

    Throw away the Analogue PBX in site 1 and install a new hybrid PBX :)

    >for Q2, I was thinking of an SPA3102 at the PBX end and an SPA2102 at
    >the remote end; I've never been overly impressed with the SPA3102's
    >voice quality WRT PSTN.
    >Can Grandstreams be connected back-to-back like the SPAs? (see
    >for what I mean)

    You can do direct IP dialling on Grandstreams.

    >If Grandstreams can, which models should I use?

    How much money? They're all about the same in the BT200, through the
    GXP2000s .. For a simple phone the BT200 is adequate, but it's display
    is digits only. I think it has a "bat phone" mode too, so just lift the
    handset and the other one will ring...

    Gordon Henderson, Jul 9, 2008
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  2. Gordon Henderson

    Tim Guest

    Jono wrote:
    > As I've got spare SLT ports, if I can get a regular DECT connected but
    > linked over the microwave, then all the system functions will be
    > available that are currently enjoyed on all the analogue extensions.

    Why not use the analogue port of a Siemens phone, and also stick in a
    DECT repeater?

    Tim, Jul 10, 2008
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  3. Gordon Henderson

    Tim Guest

    Jono wrote:
    > The distance may be a bit too great; it wouldnt have to be a Siemens as
    > any DECT would do if I could use repeaters.

    Siemens phones seem to go further than any other DECT phone I've played

    Tim, Jul 10, 2008
  4. Gordon Henderson

    Tim Guest

    Jono wrote:
    > I've not studied repeater deployment at all - is there a Siemens
    > repeater or would you suggest a generic one?

    There is a Siemens repeater and a Snom repeater (which we have in
    stock). Both work with Siemens phones.

    I'll dig out the prices and stuff.

    Tim, Jul 11, 2008
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