Re: Reinstall - what should I save before wiping disk ?

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by - Bobb -, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. - Bobb -

    - Bobb - Guest

    my reply follows

    "peter" <> wrote in message
    > That really depends upon why you are reinstalling.Normally I would
    > just save my personal files and any programs I dont have the CD for.
    > The i386 folder is on the XP CD........what version do you have
    > installed ..SP2?? are you reinstalling with SP2 or will you need to
    > download SP2??? The INF foldr has info on your hardware
    > devices..included on the XP CD or on the drivers CD that came with
    > your hardware which you will need to reinstall as well.MS Office is
    > always better to reinstall and then update from the update site.
    > So Why are you reinstalling???
    > peter


    Cleaning up : I have multi-boot systems and finding I no longer need an
    OS, on another I now want XP on C - rather than E and I'll purge the
    old stuff from the system.

    As for the drivers ... I figure - rather than tracking down all of my
    oem CD's, I know that I HAVE working drivers ON the drive now. My X64
    CD is an early version so that will need a lot of updates after install.
    I had issues with drivers there. My OS CD's are ~ 2 years old: so why
    not keep what I know works and install from there rather than use " old
    drivers" (which may have compatablitity problems with all my updates
    since then). Since PCI-E didn't exist when I first bought XP , I'd be
    swapping cd's for each device. And maybe the driver has been updated
    since then by the manufacturer (and maybe not at windowsupdate) So why
    not keep the INF folder ?? That was my thinking - but I wanted to see
    what others did / do .
    My XP CD came with SP1 but I have downloaded SP2 and made a slipstreamed
    CD for the first time.( I'll see how that goes ! )
    In case I have issues I also have SP2 on a separate CD too.


    >> "- Bobb -" <> wrote in message
    >> news:%23z%...
    >> Trying to make reinstall easier and checking if I should copy these
    >> folders to a spare disk first. Checking my XP partition and I see:
    >> the INF folder ( has 56mb in it - will it save me from searching for
    >> drivers that I'll need ? )
    >> or
    >> C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 = 514mb
    >> or
    >> C:\WINDOWS\Installer\$PatchCache$\Managed\ that has Ms office stuff -
    >> 2 folders ~215mb each - keep it ?
    >> you get the idea - I'm trying to avoid NOT having a driver/ file that
    >> will be necessary during install .
    >> Thanks
    >> Bobb

    - Bobb -, Apr 16, 2006
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