Re: registration on failed -- "no relaying"

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Graham., Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    On Sun, 24 Mar 2013 19:33:41 +0000 (UTC), J G Miller <miller@yoyo_ORG>

    >I am using Linphone 3.5.2 on Linux Mint Nadia 14 and have
    >registered a number of accounts with iptel, linphone, voipdiscount
    >and have no problem with Linphone succesfuly registering with the
    >sip service for each of these --
    > "Registration on sip: <site_name> successful"
    >I recently came across Ippi and decided to apply for an account
    >and give it a try.
    >I have a userid, password, and a validated e-mail address, but
    >when I put in the account details in Linphone, in the same manner to
    >that of the other accounts, registering fails with
    > "Registration on failed: No relaying"
    >Even removing the .liphonerc file and trying with just the Ippi account
    >results in the same error.
    >I have also tried this on a remote machine (different location,
    >different router etc) and get exactly the same result.
    >Any advice and suggestions please?

    Hello there, remember me? Nice to see you here.

    I'm always game to get a test account with a VoIP provider that I
    haven't seen before so that's what I did.

    Initially I got the same problem, my device would not show a
    registered state.

    I thought I should maybe have used the SIP number instead of my
    username in the login credentials, but that didn't register either.

    At this stage I had responded to the confirmation email and in their
    "You receive this e-mail to confirm your registration to the ippi
    service. You can now call and use services. Your number (DID or SIP)
    is immediately reachable"

    However the next time I logged onto the web portal I was confronted
    with a form that asked everything but my shoe size ;-)
    mobile & land line numbers
    Occupation etc.

    Only after I satisfied that did my device show "registered" and I can
    call it on

    Does that help at all?


    Graham., Mar 24, 2013
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  2. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    >In fact I filled out all of that before I got the e-mail verification
    >and clicked on the "authenticate with this link".
    >Now just in case you think I did things in the wrong order,
    >I did get an e-mail message prior to the "authenticate with this link"
    > You receive this e-mail to confirm your registration to the ippi
    > service. You can now call and use services. Your number (DID or SIP)
    > is immediately reachable.
    > Your ippi login : jgmiller
    > ...
    >> Only after I satisfied that did my device show "registered"

    >Well after the failure with linphone, I have also tried with
    >a PAP2T and that just complains with
    >"Registration State: Can't connect to login server"
    >which I think is probably just a generic failure message
    >and could be suffering from the same issue as with Linphone.
    >I have been trying using both and and
    >neither make any difference, which is not surprising since
    >they are both at the same IP
    >PING (
    >PING (
    >I am quite frustrated and surprised by all this since
    >getting a successful initial registration on voipdiscount,
    >sip.linphone, etc has never been a problem.

    Calling gives me Allison Smith telling me the person
    is unavailable and inviting me to leave a message which you should now
    have in your email.

    My device is Line 2 of a PAP2, currently the display name, user ID,
    and Auth ID are all set to my username which is (ramboippi)
    proxy =
    other settings are at their defaults. AFAICT

    I will investigate the features of the service.
    I ran a local Asterisk box here for a year or so but I like to use
    free cloud based services now when I can.

    I should like to commend and to you.


    Graham., Mar 24, 2013
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